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Diggle Station platform for investment

Date published: 23 March 2012

An attempt to reopen Diggle railway station has been launched in Saddleworth.

Parish councillor Garth Harkness has started a petition to call for the old platform to be brought back into use, as part of multi-million-pound investment. He said: “Network Rail’s proposed Northern Hub rail investment plan 2014-19 to increase capacity on the railway lines from Leeds, Sheffield and Liverpool into Manchester is the best opportunity for a generation to make the case for reopening Diggle Station, which closed in the 1960s, as part of the Beeching cuts.

“As a Dobcross resident I know how much residents in Diggle, Dobcross and beyond and visitors to the area would welcome the reopening of Diggle Station.”

Petition forms will be available in local post offices, shops and pubs. The petition will be presented to the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee on April 13.


Did I read that all trains my not stop at Greenfield or Ashton, recently? So why would they stop at Diggle in that case?

As a resident of Diggle i hope this does not happen, its already hard work getting in and out of the village.This would bring chaos.NO THANKS

“As a Dobcross resident I know how much residents in Diggle, Dobcross and beyond and visitors to the area would welcome the re-opening of Diggle Station.” How do you know this Mr Harkness as I for one as a Digle resident, would not like to see the station re-open as traffic would be absolute chaos in/out of Diggle. Where would all the cars park? Maybe it would be useful for someone who doesn't live in the village but works in Manchester !!

morgan60 ive heard the same and that there are talks to cut down more stations like marsden over the hill- this allows faster trains through as the line has limited capacity, ie physcially you can only get so many trains per hour on the line- what ever they do with it- it would be a scandal if they do this and i hope these rumors of closures are wrong!

There has been an ongoing battle for over 20 years to reopen diggle halt,it'll never happen, and what next the old dobcross station, as morgan60 says why would they do this when there is talk of closing greenfeild witch is quite a busy station, but this does not seem to matter these as days providing the public with a service comes second to making money every time and in saddleworth the odd bus would be nice never mind a train.

There was an action group and meetings etc about Diggle Halt when I was on the Parish Council 15 years ago before the recession and before talk of closing stations along the line. Yes it would be good to have a another station in the area but honestly cant see it happening.

Don't believe rumours. Greenfield station will not close. There is talk about increasing the number of stopping trains to every 30m and skip-stopping (ie one train does Marsden/Mossley the next Slaithwaite/Greenfield etc) hence the frequency at Greenfield would be unchanged. There are more details on the Manchester hub website and frequent QA sessions (usually at Mcr Victoria).


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