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iChron, eChron and Android

Date published: 05 March 2012

SUBSCRIBE today to read the eChron - the electronic version of the Evening Chronicle - and get access to the iChron and Android Apps absolutely FREE!

eChron, iChron, your Chron - reading the Oldham Chronicle on the go has never been easier.

With the launch of the Chronicle iChron Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android you can now
get your news on the move.

And with an eChron subscription allowing you the turn the pages of the  newspaper on your computer screen - you can get a great deal of news and views for a bargain price.

Click here to sign up for the year and you get the eChron for £59.99 - that's your Chronicle five nights a week for 24p a night - and your subscription to the iPhone, iPad and Android Apps is paid for too - just enter your eChron login details in the field at the bottom of the app.

The same is true if you sign up for six months (£37.99), three months (£20.99), one month (£7.49) or just a week at £2.99.

Alternatively you can access the App by registering via your iTunes account. This gives you access to the App only and NOT the eChron. To download the Android App go to Google Play and search for Oldham Chronicle.

Here the App is free for a 30-day trial period after which you pay the same prices: 7 days: £2.99, 1 month: £7.49, 3 months: £20.99, 6 months: £37.99, 12 months: £59.99.

Remember, for best value register and pay for the eChron and all the Apps are free. If you pay for the Apps through either iTunes or Google Play you only get the single App you have chosen to buy.

Sign up today!