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Pothole complaints nosedive

Reporter: Jacob Metcalf
Date online: 10 November 2016

REPORTS of potholes in the borough are falling as Oldham tries to climb down from the pinnacle of the pothole league of shame.

Oldham Council have received a sharp drop in notifications regarding potholes in the borough as they received 2,293 complaints in 2015/16.

The figures came at last night's council meeting after Cllr Dave Murphy expressed concerns about Oldham being named the worst area in Greater Manchester for the amount of potholes in the borough as they received 3,594 complaints in 2014/15.

Cllr Fida Hussain said the significant drop showed progress. Cllr Murphy had cited that being the pothole capital of Greater Manchester was an accolade that nobody wanted.


That pothole in the picture is on Fitton Hill and its been there for no joke about a year, I see no progress here.

one thing ombc have got right more recently!
although they've still got a long way to go!

there are still hundreds of drop grids and inspection covers in the borough which are a danger to cars, motorbikes and cyclists. it wont be long before there is a serious accident!

Perhaps the number is falling because OMBC takes no action when a pothole is reported? I have reported a nasty one one on Thornham Rd several times, and FCHO have also, but nothing has been done about it.

Driving around this borough on one of my return trips I see nothing improved and potholes nearly everywhere I drive.


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