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Pile of trouble

Reporter: Rosalyn Roden
Date online: 10 January 2017

OLDHAM Council is investigating after "a horrendous" quantity of rubbish was dumped in Royton.

An 84-year-old widow who lives nearby said she was "appalled" at the sight of the fly-tipped waste at a site which she and her family had worked hard to maintain.

With the help of family members Norma Miller of Low Crompton Road had planted trees and built a fish pond at the top of the lane for public use.

But she said huge household items including settees, mattresses and children's toys have been discarded just off Low Crompton Road which are "ruining their efforts."

Norma, whose son owns the land where the rubbish was fly-tipped, said: "It is appalling that someone has dumped all of this rubbish.

"My son phoned Oldham Council to complain.

"In years gone by they used to move it but because it is private land they said it is our responsibility to clean it.

"They have uncovered addresses from the tip but they said it could take weeks to prosecute."

John Miller complained to Oldham Council about the "tip" near the ponds at the top of Low Crompton Road.

Under law, local authorities are not bound to remove waste left on private land. It is the landowner's responsibility to clean it up - and pay for it.

However, Oldham Council responded to the complaint by visiting the site and have so far carried out a preliminary investigation.

Evidence was found by enforcement officers who attended the site which could lead to prosecution.

Norma, who moved to her Royton home six years ago, said: "Years ago the council used to move the rubbish. The last time this happened was two years ago. There is no way I can afford to shift this.

"It is horrendous. There are settees, bicycles, mattresses and bags and bags of rubbish.

"It used to be so beautiful and everybody appreciated it. People walked their dogs up there but now it is a tip."

Fly-tipping is punishable by an unlimited fine and up to five years imprisonment if the case reaches Crown Court.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and cooperatives, said: "Our enforcement officers have visited the site and it is private land. The landowner was on site when we visited and he is removing the rubbish himself.

"We do not remove waste left on private land as it is the landowner's responsibility but we do investigate and whilst at the site we identified evidence which could help us prosecute the person responsible."


You can't expect to open your doors to most of Eastern Europe and then complain when they bring with them their own special sprinkling of culture. Oldham went to hell in a hand cart a long time ago, and I'm desperate to escape.

O.K.Councillor Barbara its private land but Norma Miller and family had planted tree's and made a fishing pond to make it luck nice.I bet if you find and prosecute the fly tippers you don't say to John Miller hears some money for what it's cost for keeping clean for the public !!

Be aware fly by night refuse removers for £20,if this turns out to be the root cause
Once the council get the name and address of the documents the individual on them will be in for a big fine. Hope they have proper receipts and documents of the company moving it. This is one of the reasons fly tipping is rife unlicensed removers being used. Cheap but can be costly in the long run.

Did no one in the Ivory Tower see this coming when the three weekly bin collections started?

This is ultimately OMBC's responsibility and is an inevitable and entirely predictable, (as day follows night,) consequence of their dogmatic policy of curtailing refuse collection and charging people to have their rubbish taken away, (they can afford to pay or not,)and rather than them, "investigating," and possibly launching an expensive and pointless prosecution, they be far better advised to just get it picked up.

Oldham Council have just given all owners of land a right to take the law into their own hands when and if they find fly-tippers putting rubbish on their land haven't they here?

The council have no money so blaming them will not solve the problem. The real culprits are private unlicensed refuse collectors and the people who use them without getting a proper receipt or the vehicle registration number. Having your rubbish taken away for £10 is not a bargain if you then get a £200 fine from the council. The fly tippers are the only winners here and they will keep winning so long as people use them.

Just driving round the borough you can see most of Oldham has been turned into a dumping ground for old mattresses, suites and bags of rubbish..not surprising considering the number of Eastern Europeans we have with their different attitude towards waste disposal and recycling..shame really cos the parks department works so hard trying to make the town look nice with all the floral displays.

"The council have no money?"

Seriously; then what's happened to all the money we paid out in council tax last April and will again next April.

Oh well, we knocked down a perfectly good cinema for example and then built you a brand new one, (one that I'll never use, in a building that's another, "monstrous carbuncle,") and so on.

Personally I'd far I rather OMBC stuck to getting the refuse collected and keeping the streets clean etc.

@ JP Craig-Weston. I should have clarified the statement. The Council have no money for spending on the things that the public want. They have a bottomless pit for pet projects.


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