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Latics dumped out by Mansfield

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 10 January 2017


ATHLETIC were dumped out of the Checkatrade Trophy by way of two late goals from Pat Hoban.

Stephen Robinson's side had the better of the first half and Darius Osei went so close to opening the scoring on 42 minutes, hitting a drive from six yards out that was somehow blocked on the line.

The second half was a non-event but Mansfield took the lead on 84 minutes when Hoban nodded home a James Baxendale cross.

And in added time, Hoban again nodded in from a right-wing cross to seal the Stags' progress to the quarter-finals.


Oldham Athletic-NIL. Nuff Sed...

and the misery goes on where the club goes now is any ones guess

Administration by next week.. Time to give up.

Wow..... It is safe to say, our club is finished! Bottom of the league, 12 goals scored, beaten by a league 2 team, beaten by a conference league team. On a transfer embargo. No playing assets, a diminishing fan base. A chairman that once did help save our club, but now has no interest. Does not care, and would get great pleasure in completely finishing the club just to get back at his knockers!. Not only is SC damaging our club, he is damaging the reputation of Steve Robinson. - a crying shame!

So much for 3 wins and we will have a Wembley final!....Talk about counting your chickens before they roost.
It was bound to be the kiss of death.
Administration looms!
Just glad Corney didn't get his hand on another £40,000 for the win, because Robinson wouldn't have seen a penny of it.....It would have gone straight into brassbanks pocket!
Where's the money for the scoreboard gone?

All that's left is relegation. I for one wouldn't blame SR if he said "stick your job,your using me as a mug,"Absolutely hopeless situation.Corney's past any sympathy or support.

No money no passion no pride no leadership no investment no idea sadly no more MR CORNEY!!! You have killed our club. Before the end of the season no more latics sadly

well what did you expect ,more money thrown away ,a shambles board & a team of losers ,totally & utterly USELESS ,not SR fault get peanuts to spend this is what you get ,sacking SR not the way to go ,we cant afford another manager or anything else unless ibby786 pays DOWIE,s wages ?, what will SC do now , all the losers on the 409 bus to away matches ,don't forget to blow the candles out
lecky costs money we cant pay the bills anymore

Cant wait for the usual suspects to come on slating anyone with criticisms as disloyal trolls...fiddling whilst Rome burns...when we go into administration I hope they have the decency to accept that they were wrong. Corney may be a decent guy but without Blitz he has been like Wise without Morecambe. Incompetance on a scale that would not be tollerated at any other club. Shame on the apologists for not only allowing this to happen but for slating true supporters for showing passion.

Oldham pathletic lame excuses. Still won't play Croft and Winchester together most experienced players.steve Robinson it's time for you to go now enough is enough served more embarrassing moments on the club we can't take no more. No players now no fans.

That's a great shame. They were well on their way to a 0-0 draw.

No goals in the past five games. Has it ever been this bad? I was 8-years old and at the game on October 3, 1961 when the floodlights were switched on for the first time. Must admit, I'm concerned that 2017 maybe the year when the lights go out at Boundary Park for the last time.
Is there a White Knight out there?

Are records kept for fewest goals scored in a season? If so, they may need updating in April. Latics MUST be close to breaking all records. Sad!

Still hoping for the best and wishing the Blues well.....all the way from Canada! A win vs Gillingham would be great, and could even get the Latics outside of the bottom four!

Damn, we were just 3 games away from Wembley. Time to march on the owners' HQ in New York.

we cant beat div 1 teams,div 2 and non league teams,put us out of our misery,and put the team into administation and put houses on the site.as long as the corney name is never mentioned in oldham again

Who cares? Certainly not me.
This lot couldn't beat an egg!
We all wanted a new stand well here is the cost. Oblivion next

Another defeat without a goal and to another "lesser" team. Corney sell. Robinson resign. Players - some of you need to take a long hard look at yourself. Saw an advert on the website for golden goal sellers? Are you taking the mick!!
The long suffering fans have had enough.

Oldham Nil. Dumped out of two cups by lower league clubs, bottom of league one, crowds of under 4000. After following my club since 1977, this is the worst situation I can remember. I cannot see us getting out of bottom four, and league two awaits. With similar if not less resources next season, its time to accept that our club is in serious crises.

like i said, i think we will lose (but i really hoped i,d be wrong) time to protest outside the main entrance before and after the gillingham game, but support the lads in the 90+ minutes because protests inside the ground won,t help the players. That,s if it,s not called off, as freezing weather has been forecast. Only one person to blame, CORNEY.

Following on, Corney did not care one little bit about the lost game with Mansfield,also about relegation. If he did care he would have paid the money to get the embargo lifted a couple of weeks ago,knowing that the club was getting a payment from the football league next Monday, when he would have got his money back. Now our rivals Bury, Shrewsbury,and Coventry have signed players. Robinson will have to have players that no other team wants again,and could lose Gerrard and Holloway.

Simple there are buyers out there for the club and Corney knows it!....the one thing he will not do is sell the ground and everything in it, at a reasonable and not inflated price. I am glad I have not bothered to go to the last two games, it is not worth my time, travel expense, and effort.

What now Mr Corney? Where are the potential revenues going to come from now? Things have finally caught up with you. No one really know's what you are thinking. Even your manager hasn't a clue! We are now living a day to day existence. That's how bad it has got. This has got administration written all over it. You have single handedly brought us back to where we were before you & your pals took over-hanging on to the edge of a cliff. That will be your legacy chum!

Like many I fear for the club's future. In 16 months time we'll be in the National League as we are on a slippery slope to oblivion. Simon Corney needs to go now, he is responsible for this crisis as seen by his strategy in the close season and his poor decision making with regards to management recruitment. We've now gone 530 minutes without a goal and having watched the team for over 60 years I believe it's the worst I've seen. So on Saturday we need to let Corney know that it's time to go!

nothing against Robbo, he has basically had his hands tied since day one,.how about we give up on this season, ditch the loanees and dead wood to save the club some money, and let the youth team get the experience they are going to need to stop us dropping out of the Football League next season! Because this season is over and we are already as good as down, so we may as well start to prep for league 2 now!

Recent mention has been made of Joe Royle's "pinch me" season. Perhaps this is the "please poke my eyes out" season. Someone has already done it to the board, coaches and players, just leaving the long suffering fans to watch the debacle.


If there's something strange in you football team
Who you gonna call? John Sheridan!!
If there's something weird and cant score goals!,
Who you gonna call? John Sheridan!
I ain't afraid of league 1.
I ain't afraid of no league 1
If you're seeing things , you think you’re going down,
Who you gonna call? John Sheridan!!
An invisible man whose your chairman
Who you gonna call? John Sheridan!
I ain't afraid of no Corney
I ain't afraid of no Corney.
Who you gonna call? John Sheridan!

What's the betting that Oldham Council empty the public purse, buy the club, pay millions to Brass Bank for the new stand, pay off all the debts, and then sell the club for peanuts to the next passing shark.

Deja vue.

By the end of last summer we had no team and had presumably received some money for all the best players we sold, Coleman, Kelly et al. It was a chance to rebuild a team within our budget. Yet 16 or so weeks later we are out of money and in a transfer embargo. It reeks of business incompetence. There was no excuse for the financial failings of tis season. It is time for Mr Corney to do the right thing and go.

Football is a simple game on the field, you score goals and win matches . . . off the field I am afraid it is rather more difficult. The time has now come for the board and financial backers of OAFC to nail their colours to the mast! No messing now, it's back the team or clear off up Sheepfoot Lane! Feel sorry for people like Gordon Lawton, etc, who must wonder what they have let themselves in for.

Fully agree with WarriorHedgehog. We are down and out already this season. Cut all loanees (all of which have been useless) get rid of nearly all contracted players and play Tony Philliskirk's boys like Uche. With the dross Latics have put out this season (like Paul Green) how has he not had a game ? At the end of the day they can't score less than 0 every game.

Simple there are buyers out there for the club and Corney knows it!....the one thing he will not do is sell the ground and everything in it, at a reasonable and not inflated price. I am glad I have not bothered to go to the last two games, it is not worth my time, travel expense, and effort.


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