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Experienced officers take new roles

Reporter: Jacob Metcalf
Date online: 11 January 2017

CHIEF Superintendent Neil Evans is one of four senior officers taking up new posts in Greater Manchester this week.

He will oversee Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside, while Chf Supt Wayne Miller, was also promoted to oversee Stockport, Trafford and Salford.

Meanwhile Chf Supt Stuart Ellison moved from a role in GMP's Operational Communications Branch to oversee Bolton, Bury and Wigan and Chf Supt Wasim Chaudry's role of overseeing the City of Manchester has been made permanent.

Mr Chaudhry joined GMP in 1995 and spent a large part of his career working across North and South Manchester. He also had postings to Tameside, the Operational Communications Branch and Force Headquarters.

Mr Ellison joined GMP in 1994 in Stockport. He worked in Wythenshawe before moving to Merseyside Police for 16 years, serving in uniform, in the CID, and on the Force Neighbourhood Policing project. He also served in Merseyside's Tactical Aid Unit equivalent and in specialist public order roles across the force.

He became superintendent in Wigan in 2010 and since becoming Chf Supt in 2013 has worked in central GMP roles.

Mr Miller started out in 1989 as a Special Constable and two years later became a regular officer posted to Rochdale. He worked across areas of Greater Manchester in a wide range of roles in uniform, plain clothes and also the CID.


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