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May the force be with you

Reporter: Jacob Metcalf
Date online: 11 January 2017

OLDHAM'S new police chiefs have revealed their plans for the borough ­- and have vowed to make working with local communities a priority.

In two exclusive interviews with the Chronicle, Chief Supt Neil Evans, GMP's new territorial commander who will also oversee Rochdale and Tameside, and Supt Danny Inglis, Oldham's new divisional commander, spoke about how they wanted to improve policing.

The message was clear from both that working with communities is a priority for police to achieve the best results possible.

Engaging with the community, motivating staff and maintaining an effective relationship with other services are key to providing the best policing in Oldham.


Long gone are the days when the commanding officer at the Oldham 'Q' Division spent years at the post and in doing so had a greater knowledge of the crime patterns in the area and also the officers who policed the different localities within the boundaries of the division. I have lost track of the differing number of command officers who have stepped through the portals of the Barn St. H.Q. in recent years and to be honest I do not think it has been the better for the general Oldham public.

There will be many who view the comments made by the police as lots of talk and no action - I find myself agreeing with them. Heard it all too many times to believe that there will be any turnaround before I leave this mortal coil!

Turning police into social workers is not the solution, constantly empathising with communities crime and ASB dynamics undefined rule of law. I would really like to know how much public money is now spent on "engaging with the community" across all public sector departments. Every council dept, partner organisation and social housing provider appears to allocate sizeable resources to community engagement. All are happy to share their awards none are happy to share costs or tangible benefits.

Wow! so many PR blogs by GM Police. No promises on lowering the crime rate, protecting elderly and disabled people from home invasions etc etc. Ever since Oldham lost its own police force back in the 70s the town has never had great local knowledge,too many new brooms and not enough quality policing.

My own experiences of living in Oldham off and on for the last 30 years have always been reasonably positive; despite OMBC being a bunch unscrupulous half wits, (that's just my opinion,) and the perception of crime in the borough, (much of what is described as, "crime," isn't actually that serious,) often far outweighs the reality, although this is not grounds for complacency.

Once again the message here is well we've no staff and no money so you'll just have to police yourselves.

Good luck.

I agree with the comments from Ernie , Oldham sadly once being a town with local pride ,is becoming lawless , we have so many un patrolled ghettos, Glodwick Westwood,etc, to many drugs in the town , wont belong before guns arrive.
999 , wont bring A RESPONSE ,NOT QUICK Enough. these officers must deliver . no excuses


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