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Boobgate officer's council position

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 28 February 2017

A SENIOR police officer who bared her breast at the height of an hour-long drunken rant against a junior colleague's boob job is now working with Oldham Council.

In November, Rebekah Sutcliffe was handed a final written warning after she was found guilty of gross misconduct for behaving "shockingly, cruelly and hurtfully" to Superintendent Sarah Jackson during a boozy gala dinner at Manchester's Hilton Hotel.

It's reported that the £109,000-a-year assistant chief constable, whose portfolio had included serious crime and counter terrorism, has been quietly sidelined. She has been seconded to Oldham Council where she is overseeing a project to encourage police and other public bodies to work more closely together.


Severely drunk ACC Sutcliffe, a vicar's daughter from Saddleworth and one of the most senior female officers in the country, had pulled down her dress to reveal her left breast during an hour-long rant at her "silly and vain" junior over her boob job, telling the object of her ire: "These are the breasts of someone who has had three children. They are ugly but I don't feel the need to pump myself full of silicone to get self-esteem."

It is thought that many force leaders and junior officers were dismayed when the eminent, independent disciplinary panel ­- having found her guilty of gross misconduct ­- recommended GMP should spare her from the sack.

A GMP statement said: "Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe is working with Oldham Council. It's an important role overseeing the introduction of integrated working in the public sector. Rebekah has extensive knowledge and experience. The project is for six months."


Greater Manchester response to anyone who causes embarrassment - send them to Oldham. They will put up with anything.

By working "more closely together" would that be bosom buddies?

Are we (the taxpayer) still funding her then?

So, is that £50k of the Taxpayer's money wasted on employing someone for 24 weeks - I will do it for £25k and I never get drunk any day or night or weekend. Why not give her a job as a Traffic Warden instead?

Why Oldham and not Bristol.

Pretty obvious she's effectively being taken out of the Police organisation as she now has a credibility issue with rank and file officers. Not bad work for an ACC salary.

Women want sex equality - and I have no problem with that.

However this shows that it is often men who are being sexually discriminated against - if a man had exposed himself at the same gala dinner would he still be employed by either the police or the Council ?

I doubt it.

Equality for ALL !

Well we have councillors prosecuted for downloading images of young boys. Councillors prosecuted under breaches of health and safety, removed from the party for insinuations of alleged moral breaches of other councillors. Councillors prosecuted for employing illegal workers. Councillors found guilty of bullying. So why not employ somebody else who has breached some form of regulation and brought shame to their position.

All that matters is that she does a good job.

Exposing a boob!!! In a room full of adults...well, police !?... Big deal...Can see both boobs at once on any beach in Europe.... Get on with it !! Good Luck to her in her new job... Do we really want to go back to the Draconian Mary Whitehouse days???

boozy gala dinner at Manchester's Hilton Hotel,, now we know why Tony Lloyd (police commissioner) needs an extra £5 from each household to help pay policing in Greater Manchester !!


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