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Police hunt thieves preying on elderly

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 20 March 2017

POLICE have released images of two women they wish to speak to in connection with distraction thefts in Oldham.

More than ten distraction thefts have been recorded across the borough by police since December 1 last year.

Among the tactics used to dupe innocent shoppers and residents are putting cheap jewellery in their hands before stealing the victim's own jewellery.

Other methods include offenders bumping into people at ATMs and stealing their money.

It has also been reported men and women have been hysterically asking where the nearest hospital is before they are joined by more offenders who steal from them.

Detectives have been carrying out extensive inquiries to catch the culprits, including reviewing CCTV and patrolling busy areas.

Detective Constable Matthew Adshead, from GMP's Oldham borough, said: "I want to assure residents and people visiting Oldham that we are doing everything we can to find the people responsible for these offences. Elderly people, in particular, are sadly being targeted and we understand crimes like this, where offenders prey on the trusting nature of innocent people, are distressing and can affect people's confidence.

"We have now released two images in the hope of identifying the women pictured.

"If you recognise them, have any information about them, or if you are the women in the pictures, then please contact police."

Anyone with any information about these incidents, or the women pictured, is urged to call police on 101.


Absolute disgrace !!!
However once caught nothing will be done as a pathetic excuse will be given and a gentle slap on the wrist

What is the point? We all know that the courts are so tied in knots with political correctness & human rights that they won't give any meaningful sentence, and that the horrible EU rules mean we cannot return them to whence they came.

Just remember come local elections, that it is Oldhams Labour party which has invited them to our town, and continue to welcome them with open arms.

Labour HATES white people it proves it over & over.

These people have no standards but I bet they would be up in arms if someone did this to their mum's
If they are here on visa's then deport them without question or hestitation

These photos show two woman who are wanted in connection with scams ,, well the pictures are very clear so someone out there in oldham must reconise them so if they do they must do the decent thing and inform the police who and where they are its not good that they are walking around looking for someone to rob catcher sender back homer .thats my moto .

There need to be locked up. This has been nightmare and how have they been allowed to do this for a long time.

I have been "offered" jewellery for "good price" and on telling her through an internationally recognised sign language what she could do she went away along with the child.
Outrageous! Glad we voted out.

Probably back in Romania by now. Another great example of criminality within the UK operating under EU rules.
Had they been caught I dare say the punishment would have been embarrassing.

Eastern Europe????!!!!!!

if they are caught they should be put on the first available flght back to
wich ever god forsaken place they came from


im not sure if labour hate white people or not but these things certaintely get preferential treatment when it comes to housing and being allowed to wander the streets with impunity robbing people not to mention the generous benefits that they cant live on which forces them to commit crime.i thought they were here to work and enrich our society., so many people have reported these vile things that if the police turned up quicker or at all then maybe they would be caught.

Well Oldham Council invited some of the poorest countries in the EU to headquarters last week.

This was to exchange business ideas and encourage growth into the area. Well perhaps this is one of them two entrepreneur's from lands afar showing their business acumen

Keep up the good work of destroying this town.
On the plus side we are going up the league in crimes committed in this borough.

Despite making up 1/325 of the UK population, they make up 1/20 of the prison population. If we were able to deport these foreign criminals we could free up around 4250 places in prison. Just something to think about.

there are no police on the streets to stop this kind of harassment and thieving and the courts will not punish or deport, so what are the citizens of Oldham left with?
leave town, stay indoors, put bars up against the doors and windows of their homes or protect themselves some how?
I know what I would do, but then I would be prosecuted.
What a place.

Slate Those figures appear to be for the entire EU nationals in the UK and not just Romanians.

Perhaps you should clarify this?

Yet again another display of disgusting magnitude , we offer these scum, free housing , education and medical care, and this is how they repay us, When will the powers that be see we English and I mean English have no desire for these people in out town .

one way traffic from the third word. Had the displeasure to visit Oldham town Centre the other week. Boy its changed in the last 5 years, most of the people looked like these two.

if they dont contribute they should be made to return whence they came

These people have only come to the UK to do this, they are uncivilized probably don't realize the UK has so much CCTV, i think once caught they should be deported they have not come here to work and to contribute to this country but to steal and make other peoples lives a misery, the quicker we leave the EU the better if that's all they have to give us in return for all the money we invest in it.


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