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'Inadequate in every area...'

Reporter: Karen Doherty
Date online: 17 July 2017

ROYTON and Crompton School is "inadequate" in every area, according to education inspectors.

A highly critical Ofsted report says that "underachievement is endemic" at the Blackshaw Lane secondary which recently unveiled plans for a new £17.5 million re-build.

It is failing to give pupils an acceptable standard of eduction, has been placed in special measures and told that it needs to take "urgent" action to improve.

But headteacher Neil Hutchinson ­- who accepts the findings ­- says work has already started to turn things around and the school knows what needs to be done. A meeting has also been arranged for parents. Ofsted visited the 1,160-pupil school in May which had been rated as "requires improvement" at its previous inspection in 2015.

Inspectors said: "Standards across the school have fallen since the last inspection. Too many pupils make inadequate progress across a wide range of subjects."

Pupils are said to have underachieved at the school "far too long" while the progress of disadvantaged pupils is "woefully weak".

"The majority of pupils start at the school with abilities in line with those expected for their age but are not taught well enough, so leave with standards that are well below the national average," added Ofsted.

Too many lessons are taught by non-specialist teachers or long-term temporary teachers, and the large staff turnover is "hindering" improvement.

Pupils' behaviour is also inadequate and too many have a "common disregard for mutual respect and tolerance."

Pupils do not feel safe, with incidents of homophobic and racist bullying, and staff do not always challenge poor behaviour.

Attendance is well below the national average, punctuality is poor and there are too many exclusions.

The curriculum is not broad and balanced and the variety of extra-curricular activities is not good.

Ofsted added: "Safeguarding is ineffective. Senior leaders and governors have not ensured that all pupils are kept safe."

But areas praised included examples of improved teaching.

Mr Hutchinson was given the job permanently in March after doing it on an executive basis. "The new headteacher is under no illusion as to the enormity of the task to improve the school," the report adds.

"He has a realistic view of the school and has quickly and accurately assessed what needs to be done.

"He has implemented some changes and redesigned the school leadership model. However, school leaders have not had time to be effective in turning around the impact of several years of declining performance and weak teaching."

Royton and Crompton is being supported by the local authority and local schools. The governing body has also been replaced by an Interim Executive Board (IEB).

The parents meeting takes place at the school at 6pm on Thursday.

Mr Hutchinson said: "We fully accept the findings and we do not shy away from them.

"Making sure our pupils get the best education and turning round the school's fortunes are the priorities for everyone associated with Royton and Crompton. We are already taking steps to make rapid improvements across the board, while addressing the concerns and issues raised by inspectors.

"The inspectors found that performance had been declining for a number of years before I took over last year. In that time I have implemented a range of changes and am working closely with the IEB which Oldham Council appointed."

"We have a very clear view of how we have to improve performance with regard to the curriculum, pupil attainment, pupil behaviour and teaching standards. We know what needs to be done.

"The report raises allegations of bullying and concerns over the safety of pupils and we have taken them extremely seriously. We investigate all reports thoroughly and we will act appropriately against those who think this is acceptable behaviour."


"Inadequate in every area" could be the strapline for Oldham. Does the council have the ability/ personnel to provide meaningful support for this ailing school? Thought not!

Ofsted inspections can no longer be trusted because they have become so blinded by political correctness that they rated one failing school outstanding because they had good teaching of diversity and gay issues. This is despite not one single pupil gaining an A in either English or Maths.

What has probably happened here is that diversity indoctrination is not up to their ludicrous standards !

Well Oldham has an answer, Knock it down and rebuild it. Have any new schools in Oldham improved yet. Or not shut down. Theres a challenge to the new Saddleworth School. Bluecoat and Hulme seem to survive.

Yet again OMBC paid officials have not managed this situation well.
Yet again children are loosing out on a quality education.
Must do better is no longer good enough.

Why is the epidemic of failing schools what is the problem? Different school every other day.

My Granddaughter went to R & C, she was bullied, by a pack of girls who also followed her home. The school did nothing to resolve it. The school said she was not interested in school work and she was put in lower sets. In year 8 we changed her school. What a bright happy child who improved dramatically. She left school this year & is expected to get all AS & A grades.
Tackle the bullying.IT'S STILL HAPPENING
My friends daughter had the same problem this year and has had to change schools.


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