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Egg-throw charges in gay village

Date published: 24 August 2009

TWO Chadderton men have been charged after eggs were thrown at members of the public in Manchester’s gay village.

Peter James Young (23), of Hardman Street, and Phillip Shepherd (25), of Derby Street, have been charged with a public order offence. Young was further accused of common assault. Young appeared before Manchester City Magistrates Court on Saturday while Shepherd will appear before the court on September 1.

The charges relate to an incident on Sackville Street, shortly after midnight on Thursday when two men in a Renault Clio threw eggs at members of the public, shouting homophobic abuse.


What idiots! Just shows the Neanderthal nature of Oldhams young men. Unfortunately the so called justice system will peopably let them off with a slap on the wrist if they're really unlucky.

Another wonderful advert for Oldham!
Two young men, cruising round the Gay Village - makes you wonder what their REAL orientation is ........ Still I suppose their mummies are proud of them.

I hope they were free range, or were they ducky eggs?

Wonder why there is not more condemnation of this hate crime from the usual contributors to the comments pages. I know there would be if it was "them" who had done this.


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