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A warm welcome to the County of York

Reporter: Janice Barker
Date online: 21 April 2010

Red and white unite to mark signs

THIS new sign welcoming visitors to Austerlands might have some people scratching their heads.

It is one of a series of new district signs being put up across the borough incorporating coats of arms and the historic names of the areas.

But while it features the white rose of Yorkshire, it also welcomes people to the historic County of York.

However, Roy Bardsley, secretary of the Saddleworth White Rose Society, explained that this is the right way to describe it.

He said: “Saddleworth was in the West Riding, and the correct name is West Riding of the County of York.

“We do welcome the sign although we are a bit disappointed with the small size.

“I would not say it is perfect but it is a step in the right direction, and they intend to do something to recognise properly the other parts of the borough.

We are glad they are doing this.”

The white rose of York and the red rose of Lancashire will come together on Saturday when leaders of the rival associations unite at Grains Bar to see their historic counties commemorated in new signs.

The White Rose Society and Real Lancashire Society will meet on the hill top where Shaw meets Saddleworth, and the historic line between Lancashire and Yorkshire was drawn.

Mr Bardsley explained: “One will describe Lancashire as the historic county Palatine and the other will describe the historic West Riding of York.”

Other guests will include Councillor Mari Wiswell, chairman of Shaw and Crompton Parish Council, and Councillor Brian Lord, representing Saddleworth Parish Council.

The signs will be unveiled at noon.



"Saddleworth WAS in the West Riding..."

How to confuse visitors to the area! A job well done.

The wording makes it appear as if Austerlands is actually in the County of York.

Stupid, at best.

The old councils of Lees/Chadderton/Oldham/Royton/Failsworth e.t.c all had old signs and had new signs to reflect the fact. Yet Saddleworth has one into Uppermill and one into Austerlands with the silly "county of york" addition as a sop to the vocal Lib dem councillors of the area. Will all other districts now get one like this? Greenacres? Coppice? Westwood? And will they get "in Lancashire". Stupid waste of money yet again to pander to the saddlewhingers.

How Bizarre! Auterlands was in The old West Riding of Yorkshire, so Fair enough they have put the White rose on there, but what about where it is now??? in Lancashire, Where is the Red Rose??

How about putting a sign up saying you are officialy leaving a dump?!? that woudl be more accurate

Come let’s face it the sign is a joke on Oldham anyway. What ever happened to the metropolitan borough or have we left it and become a town with a silly polo mint insignia. But with a hefty council tax bill.

How much is it costing to put these signs up eg Failsworth, Royton, Chadderton etc ? Maybe I will ask my loacl council candidate before voting

Its not before time that signs for Yorkshire are going back up, I lived there and went to school there and my father Olice Constable Wood was the police Officer for Austerlands when in Yorkshire. Its never come out of Yorkshire, the red rose society forget it and every one should sing up to the White Rpse. Good work.

Oldham, Lancashire: Saddleworth, Oldham.
Deal with it! Who empties the bins? It will be fair old trek from York for the bin men.
If you want to live in Yorkshire - move there, don't pretend it is in Oldham.

Good to see the historic nature of the area being recognised, but a great pity that the tacky turquoise and the cement logo has been selected.

OK. No problems. It matters to some.

BUT does the one facing the other way say anything about the Historic County of Lancaster?

This is real community cohesion stuff here.

Oh..My..God...there is obviously some old Yorkshire lad on the council who is still bitter about Saddleworth being given to Lancs (get over it, son). I drove back from Holmfirth to Saddleworth last week & thought I had read the sign wrongly when I saw the word YORK. Then, I thought someone was taking the mick! Today, I find out my eyes were right...the sign DID say 'historic city of York'. What the HELL?????? I have NEVER heard or seen something as ridiculous in my life....

To put 'County of York' on an Oldham County sign is the work of utter FOOLS. I cannot BELIEVE this has been approved & I will be taking it further. York is beautiful & the county of Yorkshire too is lovely. BUT...when you enter Saddleworth, you are MILES away from YORK. I am speechless......how about you FLAKE?

Yes, Saddleworth WAS in Yorkshire, but it is now in Greater Manchester - so will those Yorkists just accept it.

Many in Oldham are not happy at being in Greater Manchester instead of Lancashire, but we have had to accept it. If these new signs are erected for the White Rose fanatics, will the remaining signs for Oldham should state that it is in the County of Lancaster ?

53% of Oldham is now, and previously was, in Yorkshire. The Ridings remain. The level of ignorance with regard to the correct titles for Lancashire and Yorkshire is staggering.


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