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Woolas toasts 103 majority

Date online: 11 May 2010

Phil Woolas, who was returned as MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth with a majority of 103 after two recounts, celebrated his narrow victory with a liquid reminder of his success.

Mr Woolas (51) bought a bottle of 103, a light Spanish brandy, from Oldham wine merchants, Winos, of George Street.

The MP, who was meeting constituents over the weekend, took a look at the bottle’s label and quipped: “I will drink this for the rest of my life.”

He needed two recounts to beat Liberal Democrat Elwyn Watkins, with a final majority of 103 votes on a swing from Labour to the Lib-Dems.

Acknowledging his slim triumph, Mr Woolas said: “I pledge to serve all the people of this constituency, regardless of their political persuasions.”

Then, Labour’s Immigration Minister and North-West Business Minister, joked: “I’m the Paul Scholes of politics and I won in Fergie time!”

The brandy, which comes from Jerez, is a popular drink with British tourists who have visited Spain.


I wouldn't get too overjoyed Woolas. The way things are going with the Lib Dems, now revealed for their treacherous ways, there could well be another election soon. In any event, with only 103 votes you don't really have a clear mandate, especially as the Tories and Lib Dems together received 25,856 to your 14,186.

I wonder what the result would have been if Labour had not chnaged the voting system to allow postal voting, the source of much of the voting corruption ever since.
We now have a police investigation into possible fraud in the constituency, and I don;t know what the position would be if they find that 250 votes have been misscast.
Would there have to be a by election or would Phil have to surrender his seat?

Road Rocket - In what way have the Lib Dems been treachorous? They have done exactly what they said they would do - speak with the largest party first.

After that, it's who makes them the best deal that they will go with. Nowhere have they ever said they would automatically prop-up Labour - quite the contary. It's Labour who have been running round with the idea that somehow they own the LibDem vote.

Quite clearly, logically, honestly and openly they do not.

PS - I voted Labour.

Dont forget to put it on your expenses Phil, Surely celebrating your "victory" is part of your official duties....

Hardly newsworthy, the sale of a bottle of booze from the Costa Plenty. Shows where his priorities lie.

Tell you what Phil, I'll be raising a glass to you no longer being a member of the government. I wonder if you will survive next time when Labour will have less chance than this time of winning.

adwilliams134: I only meant Lib Dems were being treacherous by liasing with Labour whilst talking to the Tories. I'm overjoyed with the result of the Lib/Con pact and think it will be best for the country. Anything rather than the present Labour lot! Oh, and I voted Lib Dem.


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