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Super stadium dream kicks on

Date online: 16 June 2010

OLDHAM Athletic’s dreams of building a £20million 12,000-seater stadium in Failsworth are a step closer after the Charity Commission gave a land swap deal the thumbs up.

Council officers wrote to the Commission to register a proposal to declare the 30-acre site to the north of the Lancaster Club, which includes Lower Memorial Park, be held on charitable trust.

The Commission accepted the proposal which means a land swap deal could now be reached which would see the charitable trust status moved to another site of equal value — in both monetary and amenity terms — to compensate for land lost to the stadium development.

Latics chief executive Alan Hardy said: “The club is pleased that the Charity Commission has made the ruling. We are hopeful that Oldham Council can now reach agreement with local residents for a suitable alternative site and we now have some important meetings ourselves with the council to make progress with our stadium plans.

“The stadium development is vital to the long-term future of Oldham Athletic.”

Six potential replacement sites have been identified and residents can look at these in more detail at a PACT meeting at Failsworth Community Education Centre in Sisson Street on Monday from 4-8pm.

The sites are the rear of 27-81 Alder Road; Mabel Road/Limeditch Road; Jericho Clough in Medlock Road; Vale Lane in Medlock Vale; Somerset Road/Coronation Road and Warwick Road/Leicester Road.

Councillor John McCann, cabinet member for regeneration and environment, said: “This is welcome news from the Charity Commission and we are pleased they have agreed to Oldham Council’s request to register this plot of land as a charitable trust.

“This means our current public consultation is now all the more important – and I would urge residents to go along, have a look at the six proposed sites, and give us their opinions.”

When plans for the new stadium were originally announced last year, local residents formed - Failsworth Residents Action Group - opposing the application.

Members collected 10,000 names on a petition and made leaflets for local residents as well as organising meetings with club officials to vent their concerns.


Ah, some good news for once!

no to failsworth could it happen oldham getting a new ground we wait and see but i think it will be most unlikly something will stalled in the last min sorry to be mean.

“The stadium development is vital to the long-term future of Oldham Athletic.” He also said that the club would die if BP wasn't redeveloped. This is all about making money for the owners. There is no other reason not to redevelop BP.
And how can a 12,000-seater stadium be a "Super Stadium"?

For once Ibby, will you please try and spout something positive. You're just being negative for the sake of it!

I would prefer to see BP redeveloped, but it ain't going to happen, so this new stadium in Failsworth, OLDHAM, is our best chance of building for the future.

Once it has been established for a few seasons, we will be wondering what all the fuss was about.

Time for a bit more positivity from our so-called "fans".

Great news for both the club and Failsworth, both will receive top class facilities.

Why do I have the feeling that the Council will still get thier way, and blame the previous council - oops it was the Libs.........

Great stuff work is ,Failsworth needs this

How does that address the valid and pressing concerns of local residents who do not want the Stadium on their doorstep exactly?

Could it be that the Charitable Land Swap will provide some people of Failsworth with the "FREE" oportunity to turn some local scrub land into a lasting, nicely manicured little oasis on their doorstep? As for you Ibby786, I tried re-arranging your dribble into a sentence but failed! Enlighten us as to which school, if any you attended so my kids can avoid it!

I'll beleive it the day I'm sat in it

Regardless of whether or not we have been "stung" in the past etc., collective negativity will only result in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It's time the people of Oldham realised that, whatever the development in question.

pammy again you make me cringe,
this is all about making money for the owners. SO WHAT.
like i have said many times before they are well out of pocket how long can they keep putting money into a bottomless pit.
if they make money on the land but reinvest it with new a new ground and maybe fund the club for the forseable future where is the harm in that.
you think they are gonna make a quick buck and scarper dont you.
cut them some slack please

Boundary Park is the home of Oldham Athletic Football club.
Unfortunateley so called supporters and bad management failed the club.
Now they want bailing out and think that they are the saviour of Oldham--in your dreams.

1) I'll believe it when I see it built
2) If the Lib Dems hadn't been so tetchy about a land swap in the past, Sportspark 2000 would have been built and Latics would have been in a new stadium 10 years ago.
3) If and when a planning permission is granted there should be a significant Section 106 contribution for facilities in the alternate park and a dowry to maintain it.

when will we be changing our name to F.C. Athletic of Failsworth?

Why is the council so keen to go to such lengths I wonder? The land the council wants to swap is already there, so where's the gain?

The owners should redevelop Boundary Park or a brownfield site. The real motivator behing all this is the desire to cash in an asset at BP and then land themselves on someone else's doorstep.

This should not be allowed to happen, and Oldham Council should stop this development going ahead.

Although I love BP I was very dissapointed with the place when I came back to watch a game last year against hartlepool.The place is tired and old now and we need to move with the times. I think the new stadium will be a poitive move and could encourage a new generation of oldham fans. Keep the faith

Obviously Latics have no ambition to go up into the Championship or Premiership, because if they did, why would they only build a 12,000 capacity stadium ?

What would happen if they get promoted the season after this ground is built ? The gound would then not be big enough to accomodate those wishing to attend (I am, of course, refering to the visiting supporters !)


If necessary, the corners can be filled in to accommodate more fans.

Prodriver - do you stop to actually think before commenting? It's not a land swap, it's swapping the charitable status of one piece of land for another. The owners can't now redevelop BP due to the economic climate, they'll have to sell BP and develop on this new site in Failsworth. Oldham Council should support the borough's football team - it's what every other council in the country does with their teams.

I'd prefer it to be 15,000, but it's clear that the people of Oldham have turned their back on their club, so unless they return 12,000 seats will be plenty

Why Failsworth.Boundary Park has been synonymous with Oldham Athletic for eons.Does that also signal a name change for the club?
Why not put the money into reworking B.P and keep the club in Oldham.
Gemmel and Haddington would do a spin about this!!!!!!!!

Probably will be big enough BUT it's not a forwarding-looking move to have a 12,000 capacity.

Hardly a 'super stadium'. An average size fit for the lower divisions. If the club intends to go forward then it should have been 20,000 at least but, I suppose, ambitious plans are not the main concern for the TTA. Realistically, yes, 12,000 capacity will do but, long-term, if things progress on the field, it will not be much use.


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