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Couple’s fury as new bed collapses on first night

Date online: 12 August 2010

An angry Oldham woman has been left fuming after her new bed collapsed from under her on the first night she slept in it.

Caroline Pollard (38) and husband Judd (65) were thrilled when their new leather-headed bed arrived from TJ Hughes after a two-week wait.

But after getting up in the middle of the night for a drink, the couple had a fright as the slats gave way underneath them — sending Caroline flying and spilling her milkshake.

Caroline, who suffers with curvature of the spine and arthritis, was then stuck in the broken bed as Judd struggled to lift her out.

She said: “We were in complete shock, we just heard a big bang, Judd managed to jump up in time but I didn’t.

“I’m absolutely fuming, we’ve only had it one day. We live in a one-bedroom flat and we’ve thrown the old bed out so I’m having to sleep on the sofa and my husband is on the armchair.

“Some shops say it will be three weeks delivery — we can’t go on like this for that long.

“I’m now walking on sticks until I have my spine injections.”

The shocked couple, who live in Lees New Road, Holts, have tried to get in touch with TJ Hughes to get a refund for their £199 self-assembly bed, but say the company has failed to return their calls.

Judd, who also suffers with back problems, said: “My wife is a larger lady but you don’t expect it to break after you have paid good money from a top store.

“If it can happen to us, it can happen to anyone.

“We’re trying to come to terms with it all — my wife is in agony.”

A spokesperson for TJ Hughes said: “We take customer complaints very seriously and therefore we are sorry that in this instance our customer service was not up to our usual standards.”

The company said it had arranged to send a member of its technical team to inspect the broken bed.


Looking at the pictures of this couple there must be a weight limit that beds can take! No wonder they suffer health problems

i am not surprised it collapsed

Could this be a poor DIY job or was it a case of the earth moving....!!!!! I rest my case.....

I was at work in TJ Hughes that afternoon when, Caroline & Judd came in. i wasnt the member of staff that served them but we were very helpful and advised them that hammock was not the best choice of bed, the member of staff at the time told them that this was a good bed to get obv something went wrong with the setup, it was only 19.99 for home insulation.

Good money?? £200 for a bed and matress!!
That milkshake must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back!

TJ Hughes have said they are investigating the matter, so why do the couple feel the need to make their complaint public via the press ?

Looking for the sympathy vote perhaps ???

a larger lady? understatement of the year!! surely these people can see that the slats are only like balsa wood. i'm less than average weight and i wouldn't even consider something if i thought it looked flimsy. £200 these days will not buy a bed fit for larger people.

I guess things went BUMP in the night......

Comedy gold. Hats off to all involved.

Thankyou Oldham Chron. Best laugh all day - brilliant!

I don't want to be cynical but I feel an "Injury Lawyers 4U" claim brewing.

You get what you pay for (so it's said). It's okay being cynical but (just)maybe this couple couldn't afford anything more expensive and, to them, this was a big outlay?

'what were they thinking of?' no disrespect but as i am also a larger lady but i wouldnt even think of purchasing a bed with wooden slats especially if i suffered from health problems.

as for TJ Hughes i have myself made complaints about products and the staff have always been really helpful and understanding - tj one of my favourite shops in Oldham

I'm sorry prince57, but there are furniture shops that sell good quality Divan beds for under £200.

chaddyender, if you read my comments, i never mentioned the amount that was paid for the bed, as i too have paid £200 for a bed but one that would serve its purpose, to hold the weight of a larger person. My grandchild had a wooden slatted bed which didnt last either....

chaddyender, if you actually read my comments i did not comment on the price paid, as i also paid approx £200 for a bed, what my comments actually said is that slatted beds are not suitable for larger people(including myself). As i said NO DISRESPECT....


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