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Hate mobís terror reign

Reporter: Janice Barker
Date online: 13 September 2010

Bottles were thrown at police and eight thugs were arrested when far right English Defence League supporters ran riot through Oldham on Saturday.

Police were warned at 8.45am that EDL supporters were arriving as members gathered from noon in the town centre.

It was one of a number of so-called flash mob events over the weekend, according to the Unite Against Facism organisation which is monitoring the far-right group.

Trouble flared at about 1.15pm when bottles were thrown at a police car by a group of up to 50 EDL supporters at the Middleton Road junction with Broadway in Chadderton.

Four people were arrested for public order offences.

In total, there were about 120 EDL members in the town centre. A group of 60 laid a wreath at the War Memorial on Yorkshire Street. There were four further arrests for public order offences at different parts of the town centre.

Police say there were no reports of any injuries to officers or members of the public and no damage reported.

Unite Against Facism’s website carried news of the Oldham event and also said the EDL were in Leeds on Saturday were they attempted to disrupt campaigning by local Stop the War and Right to Work groups.

There are also reports of EDL supporters attempting to harass Muslims in Nuneaton on Sunday.

Unite Against Facism says: “These developments suggest that the EDL may be moving away from large set-piece rallies towards smaller, unannounced ‘flash mob’ style events.”

The Chronicle reported in September last year how EDL, branded as far-right fascists had formed in Oldham, set up by a football hooligans involved in the 2001 Oldham race riots and had 50 members.

EDL’s leaders claimed they are not racist, far-right or fascist, and condemned the BNP and said they organised only peaceful protests against Islamic extremists.

Father Phil Sumner, chairman of the Oldham Interfaith Forum, said: “It’s just sad. Perhaps we should have been expecting it because of Pastor Jones’ views in America (the minister who threatened to burn copies of the Koran), and the fact that Eid coincided with the 9/11 anniversary.

“It seems as though it was reasonably well contained.”


Makes you ashamed to be British! Reports that there were 120 of them, that would have been a combined I.Q. of 120 then.

how sad can EDL get? bunch of pathetic racist thugs

EDL or UAF take your pick, they're both as bad as each other. Both groups have members with personal agendas of violence and each group feeds off the other.

At first I thought EDL may be rational and were about challenging extremism threatening the British way of life. How wrong I was. EDL it turns out are a bunch of racist lunatics just like the BNP. EDL are worse than the Muslim Extermists in Luton who shamed our nation.

We need peace in Oldham and we have had that since the riots. We need to challenge extremism but EDL is not the answer.

About as sad as the anti fascist league j4v3d. they are all as bad as each other, but then again condition have been created to cause it.

Firstly it is a well known fact that the UAF dislike the EDL with a passion so perhaps you should get your info from an unbiased source!! Im not a thug but i am a proud member of the EDL. We are not racist nor violent just no longer silent.. We are against Radical Islam and Shariah laws. We went to oldham to pay our respects to the near 3000 victims of 9/11. It was a peaceful day until the police instigated the trouble by manhandling us unnecessarily.

Lets have some proper objective reporting, not just some soundbites from the lunatic UAF and a local priest who is fast becoming an irrelevance to his own community. Not one report from anyone actually at the scene either, yet the headline screams out sensationalism.

Here we go again! Far right whitists coming to our good town and stirring up racial tension. Why else where they at the junction between Middleton Road and Broadway - not far from Westwood is it? Anyway, thet failed to stir any trouble up. Thank god for the comon sense of Oldhamers!!!

Hate mobs terror reign? Who are you trying to kid!
"Police say there were no reports of any injuries to officers or members of the public and no damage reported."
Some reign of terror! It's no good trying to say the EDL are racist when they have a multicultural executive, it's the UAF (the Fascist left) who are the real racists, with white people in their sights. The EDL are anti Moslem, following the heckling of returning soldiers from Afghanistan.

The report seems to miss the trip by the EDL & supporters around town marching through the street market and alongside the Market Hall!!!

This was of course quite illegal without permission from the authorities, They should have been restricted to a static demonstration by the Police.

Unfortunately given the tolerance shown to these protesters like the terminator...I am sure they will be back!!Questions need asking of the Police and Local Authority. Will Father Phil ask them???

What is right wing about the EDL? his label is all too easilt used without and evidence or qualification.
Conversely what is left wing, liberal or progressive about supporting a misogynist, homophobic and anti-semitic cult?
As far as I am concerned there is nothing right wing about opposing Sharia Law in this country. Just bevause idiots like the Arch Bishop of Canterbury are deluded about Islam it doesn't mean the rest of us have to be.

We would not have the BNP nor EDL in this town if both the police and council did their jobs proper, the local authorities a feared to death of acting, when constantly threatened with unrest by ethnic communities. So lets hope the authorities get their act together to stop the idiots visiting the town for any purpose by quelling the decent from within.

Strange how certain groups are allowed to say what they want, preach what they want, and chant what they like - NO MATTER WHO THEY OFFEND!
Yet we have the Right to Freedom of Speech! Yet some are allowed to speak and others are not. EDL/BNP/UAF etc.... are all the same in my book! People who have nothing better to do than to aggravate the whole situation!
This country has every right to stand up and be counted. It is a Great Place to live!

How can you brand this 'reign of terror' a headline which shouldnt even be allowed to be published when the article clearly states otherwise on a level par with the events in Luton! the problem is exactly this article. When non muslim groups protest they are branded facist racist thugs when the glove is on the other hand there is reasoning and understanding and no racist slurs ever used! this aggravates the people of oldham and england and until the gov acts this will only get worse!

Bobbidazzler: to reply to your comment in regards to the group that was near the junction between Middleton Road and Broadway. The fact is the group were from out of town and due to Oldham Mumps now being closed down; they had to take the only rail-line into Oldham available which dropped them at Mills Hill train station. They were not purposely walking near Westwood looking for any trouble of any kind, it has to be remembered they were in a strange town and were not familiar..continued below

From above. . with any areas of the borough.
The reason they were walking near that area was to get to the town centre following basic directions they had been given beforehand to join up with the other EDL member. The problem these are that people are too quick to jump on the hate bandwagon and constantly think the worse of any situation.

EDL you are a disgrace causing trouble around a small town,i take it you don't have respect for families with small children doing there shopping. Real heroes are dying everyday for this country why don't you all get some guts and do something useful and join up,instead of making your own little armies up and causing trouble were it is not needed. Once again idiots have brought shame on Oldham.

Are people not allowed to have a say and stand up for what they believe in??

bobidazzler - the reason they walked up middleton road to Oldham town centre is because New Mills is the nearest train station because the council decided to close oldham's station for a something no one wanted.

UAF are as bad as the EDL, both as bad as each other although the above report is biased to one side.

Why do those in the EDL try to rid themselves that they are not racist? Get real! Take your blinkers off and see what you trouble you are creating. Of course, other groups have agendas but at least we know what they are - this pretence by the EDL is not conning any right-minded townsfolk or citizens of the UK.

The last thing Oldham needs - or our hard pressed police force. Thank goodness these clowns didn't catch the train to Greenfield.

I want to know who will defend us from the self styled 'English Defence League'

wazzarsa - "Yet we have the Right to Freedom of Speech"

No you do not actually, that is a common myth. You are not allowed to say anything in public which may insult or incite.

And there were no UAF protests or anything else in Oldham and nor were most of the EDL that I saw 'outsiders'. This was a mostly Oldham EDL 'performance'.

One of the reasons they use the trains by the way is to evade surveillance - ie they leave Oldham by whatever means, meet up and then get the train in.


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