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‘My only crime was to be Muslim’

Date published: 22 June 2012

DESPITE being warned by trial judge Mushtaq Khokhar not to reveal his previous convictions to the jury, Shabir Ahmed ignored the advice.

Throughout the trial Ahmed ranted at jurors that his convictions in the child sex scandal had been a “conspiracy by the police, English Defence League (EDL), British National Party (BNP) and social services” and added that he had instructed his barrister, Simon Nichol, to appeal the sentence.

Ahmed said: “I will never accept that verdict here or tomorrow.

“Myself along with my countrymen were convicted — this was conspiracy by the police. It had nothing to do with justice.

“Let’s pick on the weakest segment of the community — the Asian community. We were all innocent.

“This was the Rochdale grooming case. The girls were already selling their bodies. No Pakistani went knocking on the doors in Heywood saying ‘have you got any young girls, can we have sex with them?’”

He went on to complain that he and his colleagues had been arrested, questioned and released over six months without being charged.

“Then all of a sudden they concocted something else and I got charged. My only crime was to be Muslim — not of the majority race,” he added.

He complained at being taken to Liverpool — a city having its “hands red with blood of the black people, a city that traded in slavery, took on slaves and dumped black slaves in the sea.”

Grooming case failings are still being probed
FAILINGS in the way the authorities handled the Rochdale sex abuse ring that Ahmed led continue to be investigated.

A report by MPs found “serious weaknesses” in England’s care system with children’s homes failing to protect runaways. The investigation found placing youngsters far from home could encourage them to abscond and leave them at risk of sexual abuse — as happened in the Rochdale case.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk said: “These vulnerable girls went to hell and back, both in terms of what they experienced at the hands of their abusers but also in terms of the court case that they had to go through.”

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Here we go the racist card being played again.......

This monsters outbursts would be laughable if his crimes were not so serious. He wasn't playing the racecard he was trying to play the whole pack. By blaming the EDL, the BNP and uncle Tom cobbly and all he will only make those disgusted by his crimes and those of his motley crew warm to the aforementioned groups. A shot in his own foot if ever there was one.

It would be nice to hear an outraged muslim community publicly condem him , but I wont hold my breath. He is still in denial and so are most of the community

I feel sick reading about this evil man. Where in the Kuran does it say abuse and rape of young girls is OK in Islam? Colour, race or religion has nothing to do with it. Pity those who knew what was happening let it carry on.

This piece of filth is so thick and so nasty that he doesn't even realise muslim is not a race and therefore cannot be racist. Muslim is a religion, Asian is a race.

Dempsey, it is surprising isn't it, how so many muslims will protest over a cartonn, but not over sexual abuse of children. Shows their priorities, doesn't it?

What a load of RUBBISH. Whilst there is no denying EDL and BNP are evil organisations, in this instant this man is using them as an excuse to justify his evil behaviour and save his skin. Utter verbal tripe and nonsense, which has nothing to do with Islam.

His statement that 'his only crime is to be Muslim'is utter rubbish and unbelievable. If he was a MUSLIM he would not be committing such crimes as rape and sexual abuse of young under age, not to mention vulnerable girls.

they were under-age.

It doesn't matter what they (the girls) were like before he and his accomplices met them, it was illegal.

"Pagee" nice propaganda slipped in there .. The EDL and BNP are not child rapists and only exist because of filth like Ahmed and the weak authorities who have left our country's doors open to the scum of the world, against the wishes of the majority of the people..

Why is the EDL evil? Have they committed mass murder on the transport system? Have the "groomed" thousands of young girls for gang rape?
It is not the EDL that is doing great damage to so called community relations in this country is it?

Morgana many people are unaware of what is contained in the Koran, and the Hadith. Mohammeds youngest wife Aisha was betrothed at the age of 7 and he consumated the marriage at the age of 9.
Sorry Max Damage but Muslim is a race for the twisted purposes of prodecution of those who do not accept it. Even the burkha/niqab is classed as a race for prosectution purposes.
Asian is not a race Pakistanis are not the same race as the Chinese or Caucasian, yet another PC distraction.

Go on then play the religion card but also take the consequences as you would have to do under Shariah law. But you don't want to go that way do you? because you know under Shariah your head would be separated from the rest of your body. Despicable, using religion when you know full well Shariah does not apply in the UK, cretinous filthy animal.

My only crime is to have the same colour as this man. No muslim would say that this vile man is a muslim after the crimes he has commited. Its scumbags like him who pull the "Im a Muslim" or "is it coz I iz coloured" trick after committing crimes that give the the 99% of muslims & coloured people like myself a bad name. About time that any government in power should turf out back to their countries of origin the scums who commit any serious crime. Im a muslim and of asian origin and proud.

Yes Desi, but every time a Muslim breaks the law the community disowns him, and says what he has done is against the teachings of Islam, yet we see terrorists who regularly attend the mosque and carry out their atrocities in the name of Islam.
I agree that this man & his family should be returned home in the name of community cohesion if nothing else, but you and I both need to fight against the evils of Labour and their horrible Political Correctness.

Pagee you say that the EDL and the BNP are undeniably 'evil' and yet the BNP has been warning us all for years that this kind of behaviour has been going on in the Asian community. The real evil is the Labour party who specifically passed new hate laws to silence the of the BNP from warning us all.
So I would say that Labour are undeniably evil for turning a blind eye to these acts, and for making it a crime to even suggest that they were taking place.

Just as FLAKE was making sense she throw's in the LIEBOUR card. This guy is pure hate and really deserves the death penalty.

Labour brought in the Religious Hatred Act in 2006 designed specifically to prevemt debate on the paedophile rape gangs. To me this action by Labour is unforgiveable. To allow child rapists to get away with their crimes in the name of political correctness is spineless and amoral.

As a non-Muslim, I feel sorry for the true believers of that religion that people like this man try to use such comments as an excuse for their wrongdoings.

He is certainly not a true follower of the Muslim religion - he is like many people who only use the parts of a religion they wish to, yet, when they find it convenient they state they are a 100% follower of that sect.

KPLees. Dead right , Laws to prevent objection to the outrageus multicultural experiment .No matter what the negatives are

Only a racist would say "the muslim community should condemn this man".

To think that because someone is of the same "race" as someone committing a crime should somehow have to apologise show that in your racist mind, you think solely on their religion they are responsible.

Every time a "white" person rapes or sexually abuses someone should the "white community" apologise.

Absurd and offensive. Of course not. To connect the two show the racism in your mind.

@OldhamWatcher, only a racist would assume there are no white Muslims.


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