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Training turns to real-life rescue

Date published: 10 August 2012

FIRE-FIGHTERS on a water training exercise went to tne rescue for real when a man got stuck after jumping into a reservoir to save his dog.

Blue Watch crew from Mossley Fire Station was arriving at Dovestone reservoir as the man got into trouble.

Watch manager Alan Hall said: “As we pulled up, a woman told us her husband was stuck in the sluice trying to rescue their dog.

“He was up to his waist in water and couldn’t get out. It’s an overflow sluice; he could have gone into the reservoir at any moment.

“One of our men went into the sluice and we quickly got the man and his dog out. The crew did brilliantly.” Neither the 67-year-old dog-walker or his dog were hurt.

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He should be made to clean the fire station toilets for a month


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