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£2m deal to patch potholes

Date published: 16 November 2012

A HIGH-TECH machine will quickly repair Oldham’s potholes in a £2million drive to fix the borough’s blighted roads, say council chiefs.

The high-powered equipment is designed to be more efficient and effective at patching roads by forcing the material into the pothole under high pressure.

It’s claimed the new approach is cheaper than traditional methods and reduces disruption to traffic, while enabling teams to undertake more repair work on each job providing a “right first-time fix”.

Oldham Council says the “Velocity” pothole patching equipment is part of a revolutionary new scheme to treat and protect roads across Oldham with an extra £2million committed over the next two years to deliver the project.

Before March, 2013, £500,000 will be spent with the rest committed for 2013/14 — though work will still need to be prioritised.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, Oldham Council’s Cabinet member for planning, housing and transport, said: “Some of our roads are already in need of extensive repair and others will become badly affected if we don’t act to stabilise, reinforce and re-seal them now.

“During the past three years, England has experienced a series of harsh winters. Oldham’s location, high on the Pennine plateau, means our roads are more susceptible to cold weather damage than other boroughs.

“We have 817km (507 miles) of road to monitor — a huge task. Two-thirds of our borough is rural too, this creates extra challenges compared with more urban authorities. We have a fantastic team of specially-trained, dedicated staff working on this. We’re leading the way with innovative new equipment which makes the works quicker, stronger and less disruptive to traffic.”

Report potholes on 0161-770 4325 or at www.Oldham.gov.uk.
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The pothole in the picture is Fir Tree Ave on Fitton Hill and its been there for ever, That picture doesnt do it justice its massive and to say buses run along that road its no wonder there hasnr been an accident.

Well done Oldham. Please please tell Rochdale what you are doing - their roads are awful in the

Please give it a trial on the road from Strinesdale to the Roebuck Inn, because the so called traditional methods have been a dismal failure. Cut the "fantastic teams" and "dedicated" and for once get someone in who can actually do a decent job.

its far too late to introduce this method of repairing the potholes.
this method relys upon the hole being free of water ingress. the fact we are well into the winter months means that in most cases the water has already found its way into the knock and Krannys. filling them in now will only result in them lifting back up again when the heavy frost come.

its better than nowt though. all previous councils have neglected the roads for decades.
those responsible should be held accountable!

"Oldham is 2/3 rural ... " ?!

Use of Velocity Patching in windy or very wet conditions is not recommended...... so when in Oldham can it be used.

I wonder what the failure rate of these patches will be.... lets wait and see

well councillor dave hibbert,i suppose you know all about how to tarmac etc through experience with bituminous materials ? have you spent any time with these specially trained and dedicated staff on site in harsh conditions ? i think you're talking through your pothole,20 years of neglecting our highways is not going to be put right with 2 million over 2 years.you just gave hopkins contractor a few million to do resurfacing work and some of that is poor.have a look at the ramp on stamford rd !

Can this machine find its way to Brandon Crescent, High Crompton please as it's a disgrace?

Well we do need roads repaired and the motorist pays a high price to be able to drive on adequate roads, but it does beg the question of priority when school crossings are being suspended.

It costs the council £20 to repair a pothole so by my reckoning they'll fix 100,000 potholes. I will bet that amount on them not repairing my road.

and there's another 40,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire!

Pull the other one the roads need rebuilding stop throwing good money after bad

I am glad roebuck lane was repaired its about time.

'right first time fix' this could come back to bite you,there's a few holes outside my place that need fixing,we will see.


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