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Next stop, Shaw!

Date online: 13 December 2012

Waiting over as Derker line gets green light
TRAMS will be running to Shaw and Derker on Sunday in a surprise Christmas boost for shops and businesses.

The Oldham to Rochdale section had originally been due to open in spring 2012, and after a series of setbacks it was not expected to be running until the New Year. But last night Metrolink bosses announced the line to Shaw and Crompton will be open on Sunday — giving shoppers hunting for Christmas presents the chance to catch the tram into town and beyond.

The first public tram to arrive at Derker will leave Oldham Mumps at around 6.50am and arrive at 6.54am. The same tram will reach Shaw & Crompton at around 6.59am.

Journeys from Shaw to Manchester will take less than 30 minutes. It isn’t yet known when the service to Rochdale will begin.

Councillor Andrew Fender, chairman of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “The new Metrolink line to Oldham Mumps has already proved to be a fantastic addition to what Oldham has to offer. I’m sure these two new stops will be very popular.”

Councillor Dave Hibbert, Oldham Council’s Cabinet member for housing, transport and planning, said: “This is great news and a superb early Christmas present for our borough. The opening of the line to Shaw and Crompton, and Derker, is a very important phase of the project and will act as a real boost to people living in these areas.”

Travel costs and where to park
Around 100 new park and ride spaces will be available at Derker, with another 154 available in a few months.

Parking at Shaw and Crompton has also been refurbished, providing more than 40 spaces. Plans are being made to provide more spaces.

More than 200 spaces will eventually be provided at Rochdale Railway Station.

Tickets from Shaw & Crompton to all stops in Manchester city centre will cost £4.10 (peak anytime single) and £6.20 (peak anytime return). The same tickets to Oldham Mumps will cost £2.10 and £3.60 respectively.

Tickets from Derker to Manchester will cost £3.40, or £5 return. Price to Oldham Mumps are £1.30 and £2 respectively.

Shaw Lib-Dem Councillor Howard Sykes said: “We have waited years and this has to be a welcome Christmas present for local residents and potential users.

“Hopefully some of the decisions we made and lobbied for years ago about the Shaw stop will now come to fruition.”


its about time! no mention of actually how late its been from its original opening date?

Excellent news! Xmas markets here we come!
There is no point telling us the fare to Oldham as I like must from Shaw will be avoiding getting off at Mumps to see nothing.

No mention of what the charges will be for using the station car park. No doubt Kershaw Street car park will be full by 8am every day during the week with people parking for the day, no room for shoppers' cars. Local businesses will lose out

Let’s look at the facts:

Tickets from Shaw and Crompton - £4.10 (peak anytime single) and £6.20 (peak anytime return)

Tickets from Derker to Manchester - £3.40, or £5 return.

All day ticket on bus - £4.50: Up to £1.70 cheaper and you can travel anywhere within Greater Manchester

It's about time. Saves me fighting with bus drivers for a 3.90 Oldham bus ticket who have told me that I can't buy one when boarding the bus at Rushcroft.

well done metrolink only took three & half years to convert what the L&Y built with picks and shovels in four years

progress ????

Get up early, it's first come first served for the forty car parking spaces at Shaw. I attended a consultation meeting in Shaw over 4 years ago when GMPTE (or whatever they're called) promised that more parking would be provided. Apparently they're still looking into it. Couple this with the steep fares from Shaw(when compared with Derker) and I think we're looking at a disappointing outcome.

There are some right miserable devils post on here; why the constant negativity? Its a major step forward, and will be worth waiting for.

well at least we now have another way of getting out of oldham to shop if they want things ti improve pull down all yorkshire street and union st and start again move all the shops to where the trams are going to travel along then we will not have hills to climb up to get from the tram stops to the shops.

Derker to mumps £2 i would rather buy a snickers bar for 55p & burn off the calories by walking. seriously though £2 for just going down the road? it is cheaper to travel by car.

"giving shoppers hunting for Christmas presents the chance to catch the tram into town and beyond." I'm guessing most people it will be taking the "beyond" option. Oldham having died waiting for this white elephant to start working.

What are the off peak prices? It used to be £3.00 RETURN from Shaw to Manchester. This also took under 30 minutes. If you caught the "express" train it was as little as 18 minutes between Manchester & Shaw.

Not bothered about the cost, on the Pension.

what a set of moaning miserable people

Does that mean it will 40 minutes to Manchester when we have to travel via Oldham Town Centre?

It was less than 30 minutes by stopping train and less than 20 on the limited stop.

It was cheaper on the train. Will we have to pay for car parking now its Metrolink?

I got in to Manchester City Centre by car as quick as the tram in the traffic for the Manchester derby footy match. So it will be quicker and cheaper to drive out side of the rush hour.

Metrolink, putting us back in our cars!

Just so you know what to look forward to,

"13/12/2012 12:22 Delays to services
Metrolink services

Some passengers may experience a slight delay to their jouney this morning due to an earlier Road Traffic Accident in the city centre

Metrolink would like to apologise for any inconvenience this causes."

Its been like this most of the morning. Metrolink users get the bonus of road traffic problems delaying their services. Anyone fancy winter road grid lock through Oldham on your tram?

What is supposed to be so good about this metrolink? Councillors fall over themselves to back it, but, already the fares are 50% higher, Mumps will be as useless as a tram stop as it was as a station. When the town centre section gets built, it will increase the time to Manchester by 20 minutes. The original line should have been electrified after world war one (as was intended) and the line run as a loop service, which was tried briefly. Trams are uncomfortable anyway, a waste of money.

well said peanuts,i couldn't agree more.

its free parking on the park and ride at hollinwood and you can get a £4.50 day saver on the tram which is good


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