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Ericís a T-shirt entrepreneur

Date published: 14 December 2012

YOUNG entrepreneur Eric Bishyika (15) has designs on success with his first fashion range.

The Oasis Academy Oldham pupil was only 13 when he started selling his own clothing line with money from his paper round.

And Swagginstien Wear was given a boost in September when the academy’s principal lent Eric £50 to turn the hobby into a business.

The registered company has now sold more than 100 exclusive T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies — clearing around £500 — with a percentage of the profits for charities supported by Oasis.

Eric, from Hollinwood, gets up at 6am to sell his products before lessons, and runs the school’s equipment store.

He came up with the idea for his business during an art project to design a product and logo and explained: “I was looking for ways to make some extra money and the project gave me the inspiration I needed.

“I came up with the Swagginstien concept, designed a logo and started..

“I have had a lot of support and feel really motivated.”

Eric has been accepted by the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy to study at Oldham College in September — one of a chain of academies backed by the TV “Dragons’ Den” star offering two-year business courses.

For more information visit www.swagginstienwear.com


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