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Jack’s floored by Our ’Enry award

Date online: 18 December 2012

OLDHAM’S Jack Doughty had a song in his heart and blood on his shoes as he collected the Sir Henry Cooper Award for Outstanding Services to Boxing at a glittering ceremony in London.

Veteran trainer Jack — 81 on Boxing Day — has run the Tara stable in Shaw for more than 25 years, leading the likes of Shinny Bayaar to British title glory.

His appearance at the British Boxing Board of Control awards night at the Novotel, near Hammersmith, was eventful.

As he approached the stage to accept his gong, Jack took a wrong turn, lost his footing and crashed to the ground.

He dusted himself down and headed onwards — his blood covering both legs and his shoes.

Undeterred, the stalwart thanked the BBBofC for the accolade — then gave the room a rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon” on the way back to his seat.

He said: “It was quite a night. They have looked at my track record and long-term involvement in the sport and decided to reward me, which makes me very proud.

“I didn’t give my stumble a second thought until someone pointed out I was bleeding quite heavily.

“As for the song, I can’t fully explain it! I saw the microphone and next minute, I was serenading the room Once I started I wasn’t going to stop!

“It was a night I will never forget - for many reasons.”


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