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NHS campaigners oppose staff cuts

Date published: 18 December 2012

NHS campaigners have pledged “total opposition to cuts and privatisation” across Greater Manchester.

Campaigners from Oldham, Manchester, Trafford, Salford, Bolton and Wigan gathered in Manchester at a meeting organised by campaign group Keep Our NHS Public.

Campaign organiser Hugh Caffrey said: “The NHS is our National Health Service. We don’t want it cut, we don’t want health services ‘downgraded’ or closed, and we don’t want any of our NHS sold off to spivs or bankers or bus companies.”

The meeting brought together trade unionists from health workers’ unions Unison and Unite, service users’ organisations in Manchester and Salford, community campaigners from six boroughs of Greater Manchester and heard from similar campaigns in West Yorkshire and Merseyside.

The campaign will lobby the Clinical Commissioning Groups of GPs, which under the new Government law will commission healthcare.


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