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Christmas past meets Christmas present

Date online: 17 December 2012

HEAVY downpours and bracing temperatures didn’t stop Christmas shoppers taking a step back in time in Oldham town centre at the weekend.

A traditional carousel, roast chestnuts and old-style funfair games were on offer as part of the seasonal Victorian Weekend.

A quirky quartet belted out classic carols with a twist, and a stunning stage show featured dancers in huge snow globes.

Dickensian characters joined snowmen, elves and Father Christmas to hand out free gifts and sweets.

Children’s TV character Peppa Pig paid a visit to the Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre to add an extra dose of festive cheer and dish out balloons, hats and sweets to youngsters.

The Victorian Weekend is the last of a series of free events organised by the Oldham Town Centre Business Partnership and shoppers have enjoyed a reindeer parade, the lights switch on, an ice rink and a huge snow dome.

MEANWHILE Oldham bus station was alive with the sound of music on Saturday, as a local brass band spread some much needed festive cheer.

Christmas songs greeted passengers at Cheapside courtesy of Oldham (Lees) Band. First Bus bosses hired the band to put riders in the Cristmas spirit.


How strange that Oldham council normally so hot on political correctness chooses to use an animal offensive and unclean to the Moslem population to promote Xmas, and the Spindles Shopping centre !
The three owls on Oldhams coat of arms don't help as the owl is regarded as a particularly stupid bird! Perhaps it's becomming ever more appropriate !

still one week till xmas walked through oldham today will not be taking my granchildren there at the weekend looked drab does not look inviting for people to shop there definately will be going somewhere christmassy

You once had a Victorian style outdoor market and look what successive councils did for that, mmmm destroyed it is an appropriate term. As for bad weather not stopping Christmas shoppers where are the photographs? As with the Oldham revamped xmas advert which bares no resemblance to the real Oldham town centre. Decieving people whether deliberate or not to encourage then into the town centre is wrong show it as it is warts, empty shops roadworks an all.


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