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Newsletter delivery blunder a ‘total waste of money’

Date online: 17 December 2012

HUNDREDS of magazines produced for Shaw and Crompton parishoners have landed on the doorstep of Heyside residents in a delivery blunder.

Householders were left puzzled when they received a copy of Shaw and Crompton Parish Council’s newsletter after a delivery company thought Heyside was in the circulation area.

The North-West’s largest leaflet distribution company, RCD, failed to use a map marking the parish boundaries.

Royton ward councillor Steven Bashforth said puzzled constituents had approached him about it.

He said: “This has been a total waste of money. I walked into the Duke of York pub the other day and some people said to me ‘Are we in Shaw now?’.

Dr Ray Hughes, clerk of the council, revealed “The Parish Matters” newsletter was successfully delivered by RCD in 2011 — with the guidance of a map marking the borders.

He said: “Unfortunately the company didn’t use that map this year. I wasn’t aware of this until after the delivery.”

Dr Hughes is now talking to the deliverers to reach a settlement over the mistake. The parish paid RCD

£1,117.20 for distribution of the magazine — the largest of four produced each year and the only one posted to up to 9,000 households.

Parish councillor Dave Murphy said the error has not been a complete disaster.

“Yes, it is a mistake and we will sort it out and get the magazines to everyone.”


I live in Shaw - near the Parish Council office - & have never received a copy of “The Parish Matters”.

This is hardly news worthy it looks like a fill-in item for town that has no news

Cllr Bashforth seems to forget that this is a contract between the Parish and the delivery company which I am sure will be resolved. I must also remind him that it is far less than the carpet that was ordered for your leader’s office after a refurbishment that was not needed now that’s a waste of money.

Is this why we pay more on Council tax if we live in Shaw? What a waste of money!!!

Perhaps Cllr Bashforth should have also questioned the Borough Life Newspaper, which is also a Total Waste of Money. But if Cllr Bashforths did criticise the Borough Life Newspaper then his remarks on the Parish Matters Magazine would look like a polital point scoring stunt rather than a genuine news story.

The Borough Life Newspaper appears to have the same problems as the Shaw magazine. I've had one delivered and having read it realised they've also not used a map and are pushing Oldham town centre editions through letterboxes in Saddleworth.

Labour councillor complains about Lib dem parish council mis-post.

In other news, Pope is catholic, Bears defecate in the woods.

Silence from him on the propaganda rag "borough life". Total waste of time, money and effort.

Its childish stunts like this that turn people away from politics.


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