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Metrolink lands in Shaw

Date online: 17 December 2012

A RESOUNDING thumbs-up was the verdict of tram travellers as Metrolink arrived in Shaw yesterday.

The first tram to travel from Oldham through Derker to Shaw left Mumps at 6.50am and arrived nine minutes later.

Trams will run from Shaw to St Werburgh’s Road in Chorlton via Manchester Victoria, every 12 minutes. The Shaw to Manchester run takes just over half an hour.

Kathryn Hawkins and her 12-year-old daughter Lily were delighted to be able to catch the tram on its first day. The pair, who live close to the Beal Lane station, went to Manchester to meet friends.

Kathryn said: “It is fantastic news and we have been waiting for a long time for trams to come to Shaw. I have been using it from Chadderton so I am really pleased I can now catch it from Shaw.”

Andrew and Norma Parry were sceptical about Metrolink at first. We caught the tram from Hollinwood the other day and, much as I wanted to find fault, I just couldn’t,” said Andrew.

There are currently 100 parking spaces at Derker with a further 154 under construction. Parking facilities at Shaw and Crompton have been refurbished with 40 spaces, with plans for more.


Good news - but how much does it cost? We have been told what peak fares are, but most of us will travel off-peak.

Really pleased the tram is finally in Shaw but dissapointed that as I went to use it on Sunday there was of course nowhere to park! Ended up driving to Manchester instead. It was dejavu from when I used to try and get the train years ago.

Are they charging to park at Shaw?

Pity about the high prices. We seem to be hostages to high train, tram, taxi and parking charges in the UK.

And now the critics, and backward thinkers can SUSH! the service is excellent, convenient, clean and reliable. MUCH better than the bus!

So bungle how much better than the train it replaced is it then? Most people are not backwards whatsoever. And they most certainly are not stupid. This is a MASSIVE waste of money when all we needed was a few new trains instead to modernise the service. By the way the train was MUCH better than the bus also.

@bungle, of course it's clean it's new and as for better than the bus, the still ongoing roadworks or leftover farce of traffic lights have made bus and car travel a nightmare! One of those things or a deliberate ploy to make the tram appear an attractive option?

@Max Damage.. TBH I think i prefer the tram to the train, its cleaner, more accessible and more convenient (with a service every 12 mins) my only slight issue with the tram is the loss of the express service, which TBH is a small price to pay!

Have any of the detractors used the tram? How much does modernising our sewer system and road network cost? The system was over a hundred years old. This tram system is for all of Oldham’s citizens to travel into or out of town, as they see fit. Park their cars if they want and travel smoothly and comfortably on a more comprehensive network. The impact on local businesses is really the only downside and it is hoped that they will benefit soon. Three years from now no one will want to go back.

doesnt sound like a 'resounding thumbs up' to me,Dawn.

Ididsaythat; Get hold of the information leaflets and you will be delighted with the off-peak offers.
Shawresident; Why didn't you just go to Derker, there are 100 spaces there already and 150 more to come soon?
Broadsword; All of the spaces at the park and ride facilities are free for Metrolink users.
I bet that the critics have never used Metrolink, and I also bet that they will be converted when they do.
It's excellent, get real.

Catching the train from Greenfield is far better and quicker. The tram takes a lot longer getting to Manchester,it stops every 5mins.

the key words in the whole story... they went to Manchester.

Cllr Dave from Chadderton, I wasn't criticising! I am just surprised that you and Metrolink have done so little to publicise the benefits to the local community. We know the frequency - & it will be much easier to shop in Manchester now - but no information has been given re the fares except for scary stuff about the peak fares.

bungle, wait until you have to travel via Oldham Town Centre to Manchester. The tram is already taking 5 to 10 minutes longer to get to Manchester, plus another 10(?) to get through the Town Centre.

As for Metrolink being more reliable....... Check out the twitter feeds from its regualr users.

A tram every 12 mins is 5 trams/hour.
Trams have 52 proper seats so thats 260 seats/hour.
Trams have 6 fold down seats making 290 seats/hour if available.

The trains worked from Shaw as 2 or 4 per hour weekdays and were mainly class 142s which have 121 seats.
2 trains per hour was 242/hour seats available
4 trains per hour was 484/hour seats available

Progress=Standing more often. True Metrolink has a better Sunday and evening service but this could have been done with more trains.

Dave from Chadderton. Why should I have to travel to Derker to get the tram when I live in Shaw?

ex R T, Just remember that if it hadn't been for the prospect of Metrolink in the future, the railway line would have closed in the mid 70's

A few facts for those who preferred the train. Sundays: first train from Shaw to Mcr 0935 then hourly. First tram 0659 then at least every 15 mins. Evenings: trains every hour, trams at least every 15 mins. "Leaf fall season": weekday train service halved and journey Manchester/Rochdale extended to 50 minutes, and still getting stuck on the leaves. Trams running a full service with no problems, even though the gradient from South Chadderton is now steeper yhan it was. Still prefer the train?

the rest of the Greater Manchester Metrolink travelling public far from giving it a thumbs up use a couple of appendages not far from the thumb when commenting on the quality of service delivered. Once the novelty has worn off travellers all along the line from Shaw to Failsworth will join them.Rochdale users are the lucky ones, they will still have a train that will be twice as fast to fall back on.

The old train line did not connect as many Oldham communities; it was not linked into the conurbation's tram network; did not run as frequently; it was anachronistic and was not sustainable long-term.

I don't like these on our roads its an accident waiting to happen.how many cars recently have been hit by trains at level crossings? cars & trains don't mix a tram is a train but just travelling at a slower speed its stupid putting trains on the road, what's next a mini runway on Huddersfield Rd for a Boeing 747

Mikemike1 - Which part of the train service is over 100 years old? The civil engineering is but the rest of isn't. Why could we not just upgrade the stations & keep the trains?
Oldham & Shaw would have been better served as part of the North Hub Rail upgrade with new trains.
Metrolink will not take & can never take a single lorry off the streets of Shaw & the surrounding areas. There was still that option with a proper railway connected to a NATIONAL network.

Good old "reliable" Metrolink,

"19/12/2012 15:48 Delays to Services

Due to an earlier technical fault with a tram at Whitefield, some passengers may experience a slight delay to their journey this afternoon.

A service is operating on the Altrincham and Bury lines.

A service is operating on the Eccles/MediaCityUK line.

A service is operating between Shaw/Crompton and St Werburghs Road.

Metrolink would like to apologise the inconvience this may cause.

Welcome to your new service....

Oldham Loops was not "saved" by the prospect of Metrolink. It has been blighted by it since 1979.

What has caused a lack of railway investement is the handing over of the line to Metrolink. Why spend more than you have to when you might have to give it away?

Kenny, the point is we could have improved the trains service for far less than has been spent on Metrolink and had national connections. Wait till it snows, it Metrolink can't cope in Manchester will it get to Oldham?

My god. Well said Bungle. The backwards thinkers will remain WHINERS. If the money spent on this was spent 't'dan souf' they'd be complaing. The train was old and needed renewal. Its modernisation. Its investment in the area and they complain! No links they complain, old links, they complain, new links..hazard a guess. Someone wrote 'key words, they went to manchester'. Yep, thats where people go from smaller places for main links, for work, for entertainment. Pie-heads!

Cllr Dave from Chadderton, I have checked as you suggested and am NOT delighted with the off-peak offers": a journey which now costs me £5 on the bus will cost £6.50 on the tram/bus.

Ex Rail Traveller; I guess you’re an ‘ex-rail traveller’. Why? Were you unhappy with the infrastructure? Infrequent services? Lack of free parking? Noisy old stock? No access to town centres? Assuming you now travel by road, do you enjoy a journey unencumbered by road works, accidents and snow? Metrolink is just that, connecting communities within G/M. Comparing costs without quoting them is a red herring. The deed is done. We will never know how your plan would have panned out. Let it go.

Congestion at Mumps has been another moan. Here’s how it works. There is no level crossing. Road vehicles are not stopped until the tram is stationary at the junction. The tram stops just before the highway and waits its turn in the in the lighting sequence. The tram has rapid acceleration, when its turn comes it is across the junction in 10 to 15 seconds. Done. Also, why on earth would anyone come to Oldham from Saddleworth, unless they needed one of the Metro’s stops? Saddleworth’s Finest?

cheeky, modernisation was needed, just not a down grade to a tram.
It should have been proper trains, part of the nothern hub. Metrolink is money wasted on a system that cannot be flexible to the Oldham areas future needs. Its a tram & thats it. Metrolink will never take a lorry off the roads of Shaw & surrounding areas.

AS you rightly say the Loop took people to Manchester. It now takes longer & costs more. When finish 18 mins Shaw-Manchester will be 40 to 45mins. Is that progress?

If you want whiners, wait for 12 months of Metrolink service.

Complaints to Metrolink. 40,000 the other winter. 10,000 or so a few months back, when they only managed 2 days out of 7 without disruption or complete shut down.

Political spin is so great I'm amazed we all haven't fallen over. We told how great is is for Shaw & Derker as if the railway had never existed, & how we can now get to Manchester!

Metrolink is the wrong answer to what should have been a railway upgrade.

mikey- you are completely incorrect. Ex rail traveller refers to my previous use of the train service around the Oldham Loop.

Mainly from Shaw to Manchester. I do still use the train as it far quicker when travelling to London etc on my other journeys.

Off peak I did use the car to Manchester or drive to Mills Hill & use the train.

Metrolink from Shaw via Oldham Town Centre will put me firmly back in my car. PS I use winter tyres & side roads to avoid most of the queues when it snows.

When it did snow the last form of public transport heading for Oldham was the train. The buses wstopped running far earlier.

Over the last few snowfalls when the buses stopped running Metroink wasn't far behind in susupending services.

How are Oldhamers going to get home? Rescued by car in the grid locked main roads?

Perhaps I should let it go, like the millions of tax payers money wastes on Metrolink.

Some points
1.You can`t buy tickets to places outside of Gtr Manchster.
2.You get Free Metrolink onward travel on the train anyway by changing at Victora within 100 metres walk.
3. They could keep the Oldham bypass line but they are ripping it up.
4. the Oldham bit of the line dont even touch the main part of the centre even when it runs into centre.
5. if metrolink is go great how come they are now looking at Tram\trains?
the old trams are getting scraped midlife will the new ones?



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