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Hair-raising rescue

Date published: 18 December 2012

A DISTRESSED woman made her way to Chadderton Fire Station in the early hours of yesterday when she got a comb badly tangled in her hair.

Luckily for the 38 year old, one of the firefighters — Adrian Dawson — is an ex-hairdresser and came to her rescue. He used scissors from the first aid box to cut her free.


Ridiculous! What a waste of our firefighters' time. Couldn't the woman cut herself free? Did she expect them to work a miracle? They're FIREFIGHTERS - the clue is in the name!

I don't see you problem dailyrant.
it's not like she phoned them out, she went to them. Its not like she stopped them going to a fire, if anything i bet it gave our Firefighters a bit of a laugh.
Where is you Xmas spirit?

maybe it's something to do with health and safety,good job one of the firemen was an ex hairdresser or she would have been in real trouble.


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