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Anguish of rubbish blaze-trap woman

Reporter: HELEN KORN
Date online: 18 December 2012

A DISABLED woman was trapped in her Royton home after a mound of uncollected rubbish blazed outside her front door - the only exit.

Florence Weaver (70) of Seatoller Court was asleep when it happened, and by chance a neighbour called firemen.

The “disgusted” householder had previously called Oldham Council 29 times in two weeks to ask for six weeks worth of household waste to be removed.

Florence’s son Alex McIntyre said: “The bin was overflowing; no-one had been to collect it for six weeks. My mum is elderly and disabled so she needs assistance from the council. The men normally take the bins from outside her home, empty them and bring them back because she can’t put the bin out on the road herself.”

Police are aware of the incident which happened at 10.30pm on Tuesday.

Councillor Jean Stretton said officers were now making sure her bin would not be left unemptied again.


Jean STretton's complacency breath taking.Where is her commitment to an investigation as to why 29 phone calls over two weeks were not responded to? Where is the commitment to disciplining anyone found responsible?
It's just business as usual at a council which is run for the benefit of its staff, and the rate payers can go hang. No wonder the town is going to the dogs.


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