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Measles surge appeal to parents

Date published: 18 December 2012

PARENTS are being urged to have their children vaccinated after a surge in measles cases.

There have been 111 confirmed cases of measles in Greater Manchester this year, compared with 21 last year.

Dr Rosemary McCann of the Greater Manchester health protection unit said: “This has been the worst year for measles for a long time. It’s a highly infectious disease that spreads easily among people who aren’t fully immunised. Thankfully MMR uptake rates among young children are now high and continuing to improve, but we are seeing cases in older unvaccinated children, teenagers and adults who were not fully vaccinated as children.

“We’re also seeing measles in babies and toddlers too young to be vaccinated.”

The unit’s advice is for parents to have their children vaccinated at the appropriate times. Parents of older children not vaccinated when children should see the family doctor and arrange it now.

The HPA is advising people with symptoms of measles to stay away from school, nursery or work until five days have elapsed after the onset of a rash.

Telephone your GP or NHS walk-in centre before attending so arrangements can be made to see you away from other patients.

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