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Houses hit by flooding drama

Date published: 18 December 2012

SMALLBROOK Road in Shaw was closed last night after the local brook burst its banks under a deluge of rain.

Firefighters diverted water away from the road at the junction with Cowie Street using pumping equipment.

Ricky McLeary, who lives on Cowie Street, said: “We realised how bad it was was when we saw all the firefighters pumping water away. The water had come down from Whitfield Farm.”

Firefigher Darren Edwards said at one point, the water was 3ins higher than the pavements.

“We were there from 5.30 until 8pm as the water was close to the bottoms of the door frames of the houses,” he said.

Asda in Shaw was partially cordoned off due to the volume of rain. There were also reports of floods in High Street, Uppermill and parts of Delph.

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How did Dunwood Park go on in all this? Just spend £1.1m for it all to go down the drain after one deluge and no proper drainage put in? Sad or what?

Wow if it isn't one crisis it's another! I wonder whether the Shaw disaster fund will be stepping up to the plate for this, or whether they've spent the money compensation uninsured buy to rent landlords?

Flake,your information is certainly flakey.Buy to rent (you mean let)landlords have not had the compensation from the Shaw distater fund at ALL.I am one and know another 5.NONE of us have received anything and I mean nada! I can tell you large amounts have gone to benefit tenants and owner residents have received money too. In fact,your statement is completely the opposite of what has happened. They have received the least! You obviously dont like lanlords/people striving


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