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Stunning new flagship home for FCHO

Reporter: Andrew Rudkin
Date online: 18 December 2012

A STUNNING glass flagship headquarters for one of Oldham’s largest employers is set to be built in the town centre, bringing extra jobs to the borough.

The landmark home for First Choice Homes Oldham will boost the local economy and increase apprenticeships for young people when constructed, claims the housing association boss.

Council chiefs recommended the sale of land at Union Street and Phoenix Street to the not-for-profit company at last night’s cabinet meeting. FCHO expects the new HQ to be open by autumn 2014.

The HQ will be the work base for the majority of FCHO’s current 450-plus employees.

The housing association, whose current base is in Phoenix Street, will acquire and demolish the existing Phoenix Centre in Union Street — plus a former car park — for the three-floor, 35,000 sq ft development.

Cath Green, FCHO’s chief executive, said: “As Oldham’s largest housing association, and one of the largest local employers, we recognise our responsibility to create economic opportunities in Oldham.

The building will also be a centre for the tenants of FCHO’s 12,000 homes.

Existing services are being relocated from the hoenix Centre

Councillor Jim McMahon, leader of Oldham Council added: “This is an excellent regeneration scheme and it will breathe new life into an important town centre site.”

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Not for profit! Not surprising when they can spend what must be millions on luxury offices like this!

FCHO must be raking it all that money they are making with all the stock of housing they got from oldham council.

how can a "not for profit" business afford such luxurious accomodation?

who is paying for this? these not for profit housing associations are funded by the taxpayer!

how much is the council selling this prime development site for?
because this is effectively a charity based company then council will be almost giving the site away then wont they?

bit hypocritical of them though after all they where complaining about former south chadderton school being taken off them for the new free school.

Regeneration scheme, new life into an important town centre site, etc. This new building is only about 250ft from the current base! And where is the money coming from to fund this? More above inflation rent increases or is this council tax funded? Sounds like an expensive, grandiose scheme when there are plenty of existing buildings that would probably suffice dotted around Oldham. It's not like this site was empty either - the current Carers Centre is being booted out to free up this site.

my rent has already gone up 12% since they took over dread to think how much it will go up in april ooohhhh by the way i haven't had a pay increase in 3 years ......looks like i'll be joining the massed ranks in april just can't afford the rent...mr meacher was right.....

Absolutely Typical.

Rents rise by 10% and this organisation spends it on a new fleet of expensive vehicles and a flash new building.

Hey heres a radical idea. BUILD SOME HOUSES.

Why do they need this? they have the same if not less houses than what they started with, Who pays i hope its not some of the 140 million they got for improvements to there homes. And who are the 450 plus employees a lot of the work is sub contracted absolutely ridiculous

it would be nice to know were repairs staff based at copsterhill figure in cath greens vision of the future not mutch parking space for vans on union street

What a scandalous waste of money by a publicly funded organisation.

Oldham Council sells land to a company it pays to manage housing stock. Council tax payers pay for it all in the end.

Brilliant news for that part of Oldham. It makes even more sense now the Metro link will have a stop on Union St.It will definitely help to regenerate the Union St area.Which although is under Metro work is a complete disaster.I only hope that Oldham has a visiting customer before then.I work on Union St and find it difficult to find out where to cross one from day to the next.

When we speak of none profit organisations, whom pays the wages and salaries of all this companies employees. Are we being asked to believe that some entrepreneur is footing the bill? I do not think so if the company breaks even that is fine. However on a hypothetical basis, when wages or salaries increase, where does the finances come from if they are a none profit organisation?
Answers Here Please.

again this proposal is also very short sighted. the site in question is very small. provision of parking will be small. considering that FCHO deals with housing dotted throughout the borough. the workers need somewhere to park. not everyone can be reliant on public transport.

this then limits you workforce.

this sort of area should be for facilities where the majority of users use public transport.

something like higher education where students dont have access to cars.

isnt there enough empty council properties for them to move into and modernise...cromford house the old registrars building...the lyceum....etc etc...

why is it the council seem to completely miss out on serious potential in all their development proposals.

oldham is off the beaten track. yet it has excellent links with other areas with its road and motorway network.

yet every development seems to miss out the fundemental and important issue of parking.

they until now charge scadelous amounts for parking here as well.

parking and its cost is key to attracting investment! which in turn would create jobs.

but the council still ignore this!

I see that the usual ill-informed, cynical, unambitious and small-minded moaners have leapt to their keyboards again. I wonder if any of these cynics ever get out and do, or say, anything positive.
This new, modern and impressive building could be the first impression of Oldham town centre that visitors get. Let the rest of us ignore them and get on with creating a modern and attractive borough. They are tiresome.

Something other than a takeaway being built on Union St !!!!


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