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Corry’s sad cafe

Date published: 21 December 2012

THE owner of a town centre cafe claims fly-tippers are adding to problems caused by metrolink works and driving business away.

Corry Potter, who owns Nosh in Yorkshire Street, has already lost regular customers due to the extensive roadworks and diversions.

Now she says fly-tippers are dumping bags of rubbish, empty food tubs and cardboard boxes on the pavement in Horsedge Street.

The piles yards from the cafe, within sight of anyone walking from the town centre to Mumps Metrolink.

She said: “It’s horrendous. If I walked past here and saw it I wouldn’t go in any of the establishments along this row. It just looks disgusting. What kind of message are we giving visitors?”

Corry first complained to the council in April and has repeated the complaint several times since.

The waste could be from businesses or flats above the businesses along Yorkshire Street.

Councillor Jean Stretton said: “We are doing everything we can to trace those responsible. When the individual or business is identified, we will prosecute.”


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