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Netball windfall can achieve legacy goal

Reporter: Erin Heywood
Date online: 21 December 2012

NETBALL facilities and training opportunities in the borough will receive a huge boost with a multi-million pound grant from Sport England.

Over £433 million will be distributed among sports bodies nationwide from 2013-2017, the organisation announced yeterday. Netball is to receive a massive cash increase, with £25.3million to improve facilities.

Oldham bosses, whose netball teams already rank among the best in the country, says the extra funding couldn’t come at a better time.

Suzy Chapman (30) who plays wing attack for Oldham Netball Club and has participated since she was five, is thrilled.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile for grassroots netball,” she said.

“More people recognise netball, and performances are improving. That comes from work people put in at grassroots. The grant will give every area the chance to improve its netball skills.”

Other sports such as cycling (£32million), triathlon (£7.5million) and wheelchair basketball (£2million) have all enjoyed rises of more than 30 per cent. All the paralympic sports have also seen their funding increase.


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