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Council leaderís Yuletide blog

Date online: 19 December 2012

McMahon video explains budget

OLDHAM Council leader Jim McMahon has taken to video in an attempt to explain the authority’s budget decisions.

The Labour leader has posted the recording on the council website — www.oldham.gov.uk — to explain the financial decisions being considered for the next two years.

The video sees him outline the advantages of setting a two-year budget for 2013-15.

Councillor McMahon confirms the difficulties in finding £31 million of savings and what it means for council services.

He said: “This budget is a big deal for Oldham.

“The budget is a decision of the full council, but as leader it’s important that people can hear this information in a personal message.

“Oldham Council is committed to being as open, transparent and accessible as possible.


Jim I am sorry to say that it was not approved by full council it was approved by Labour and your conservative lap dog.

yes jim but £70,000 on translaters...and nothing on school crossing patrols shame on you............

Open and honest that’s a laugh most decisions are taken by cabinet in a small room at a time that most people can’t get there, if they even knew the meeting was taking place and not by the full Council in an open arena. I have searched the web and found nothing about these meetings or content that’s being open alright.

Perhaps Councillor McMahon, can save money on taxi licensing staff, after all there are more badged out of town taxis now on the roads in Oldham.

"Oldham Council is committed to being as open, transparent and accessible as possible". Really? I've found Oldham Councils responses to information legally available under the Freedom of Information Act to be non-existant. Councillors expenses are witheld (Rochdale for example publish theirs) and Oldham is one of the worst councils in the country for excluding the public from council meetings. Cut the budget as much as you want..Oldhamers are past caring.


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