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Residents in final bid to change pitch plan

Date published: 19 December 2012

HIGH Crompton Residents’ Group has launched a last-ditch plea to planners over an all-weather sports pitch scheme.

The controversial Crompton House School plan will be heard by the council’s planning committee tonight.

Members of the residents’ group are in favour of the scheme - but not of the intended opening hours, light pollution or 15ft high perimeter fence.

The pitch would be available for hire on weekdays until 10pm and 6pm on weekends and bank holidays.

The school has the financial support of Manchester FA, but funding is conditional on out-of-hours community use.

Roy Butterworth, chairman of the group, said: “We’re not against the school revitalising its playing fields. We don’t mind the schools playing until about 5pm. But after that there could be up to three matches at once.

“There’s no need for a pitch of this scale.”

Residents in Rochdale Road, Grampian Way and Crompton Gate claim to be living close enough to the field to suffer noise pollution.

Josie Kershaw, who lives 50 yards away in Crompton Gate, said: “I won’t be able to open my curtains or the windows because of the light and noise when I’m trying to relax. I don’t mind the children playing on it until about 6pm. It’s the out-of-hours use I object to.”

The plans have already been unanimously recommended for refusal by Shaw and Crompton parish councillors.


Accept the inevitable - like Crompton Hall AG the plans will go through no matter what eventually. Look at the "stunning" biscuit boxes in Crompton Hall. It is just deplorable that what is refused in one quarter seems to be let through elsewhere!

the people of High Crompton will gain a free facility for many years to come but object because of noise and light pollution. These modern floodlights give out minimal light not directed towards the pitch and if it gets too noisy they could always shut their windows. I hope they don't get this facility as the people if high cromptondon't deserve it, would be sad for the school though.

All I can say is well done Oldham council, sell the residents out once again! Welcome to another run down part of Oldham where the community means nothing?

So Roy Butterworth who commentates on the Latics games is a right NIMBY objecting to the proposed new artificial football pitch at Crompton House School. So much for giving home grown players like Chris Taylor a decent surface to hone their football skills on . So much for keeping youngsters off the street. The NIMBYs in Shaw complain about the closure of the clapped out Local Swimming Pool. Now they don't want a £1m new pitch to be used by the general public. Typical !

Try getting off Netherhouse Estate when there is something is going on at Crompton House School, it`s an absolute Nightmare.

close your windows? what a great answer! and as for local residents using it I'm sure that won't be the case. I am sure the no local people will get the most use out of it though that includes 2 thirds of the children who dont live in the area, oh yeah and they are the ones that your council tax pays towards!!

Crompton house school already causes huge problems to locals as regards parking, so why not extend this problem even more? What do locals matter? So long as they keep paying council tax, what does noise, foul language or the fact that the Parish council is against this matter? Well done Oldham MBC again, just keep living in your cloud-cuckoo land.


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