Residents in final bid to change pitch plan

Date published: 19 December 2012

HIGH Crompton Residents’ Group has launched a last-ditch plea to planners over an all-weather sports pitch scheme.

The controversial Crompton House School plan will be heard by the council’s planning committee tonight.

Members of the residents’ group are in favour of the scheme - but not of the intended opening hours, light pollution or 15ft high perimeter fence.

The pitch would be available for hire on weekdays until 10pm and 6pm on weekends and bank holidays.

The school has the financial support of Manchester FA, but funding is conditional on out-of-hours community use.

Roy Butterworth, chairman of the group, said: “We’re not against the school revitalising its playing fields. We don’t mind the schools playing until about 5pm. But after that there could be up to three matches at once.

“There’s no need for a pitch of this scale.”

Residents in Rochdale Road, Grampian Way and Crompton Gate claim to be living close enough to the field to suffer noise pollution.

Josie Kershaw, who lives 50 yards away in Crompton Gate, said: “I won’t be able to open my curtains or the windows because of the light and noise when I’m trying to relax. I don’t mind the children playing on it until about 6pm. It’s the out-of-hours use I object to.”

The plans have already been unanimously recommended for refusal by Shaw and Crompton parish councillors.