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Councillor mourned

Date published: 19 December 2012

COUNCILLOR Phil Harrison died this morning following a short battle with lung cancer.

The Royton South Labour councillor, who was married to Councillor Jenny Harrison, died at 5am.

Councillor Steve Bashforth, described the grandad-of-four, of Moorside, as “a very proud man who kept his dignity throughout his illness.”

He added: “He was a great friend — we were like Laurel and Hardy. He was also an exceptional pianist — he used to get on the piano at the Dog and Duck — he’ll be greatly missed.”

Councillor Harrison leaves three sons and a daughter.


A sad loss of such a caring man probably one of the best Oldham had. RIP

I knew and worked with Phil Harrison for the best part of 40 years both in the Labour Party and as a Councillor. The two words that most come to mind are "intensity" and "commitment". He was a diligent ward councillor often badgering officers on constituents' behalf. He was an effective Cabinet Member largely responsible for getting adult social services a top rating. Hopefully his vision to secure maximum independent and dignified provision for the elderly and vulnerable will be his legacy.

A lovely man a true servant of the people of Oldham and Royton he will be sadly missed

Very sad - Phil was one of the hardest working councillors I've ever known and really cared about what he did. Great loss to Royton and Oldham

Very sad news.A hardworking Councillor with a wicked sense of fun who did his best for the Town.

Sad news. My condolences to Jenny, Daniel, Rebecca, Michael and Andrew. RIP


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