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OCL team leads leisure race

Date published: 19 December 2012

HAVING Oldham Community Leisure run the borough’s sports facilities for another 10 years will save taxpayers’ money and improve the service, say council chiefs.

OCL is Oldham’s preferred bidder to retain the management contract, having beaten off a challenge from two other companies.

Final agreement is subject to the successful completion of negotiations during the three months left on the existing contract.

Sport and Leisure Management (SLM) was appointed reserve bidder and will take over if OCL cannot finalise the contract, whose terms are subject to a final decision on facilities at the yet-to-be-built new Oldham sports centres in Eagle Street.

OCL has run leisure facilities in Oldham since it was founded in 2002. The new contract will run from April to March 2023, with the possibility of a five year extension.

Councillor Hugh McDonald, the council’s cabinet member in charge, said: “As well as providing better value for money, we will also be reinvesting the savings made to further improve and the facilities on offer to residents.”

Stuart Lockwood, OCL’s chief executive, said: “The new contract and planned investment offers a fantastic opportunity for OCL to encourage even more residents to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.”

The contract is part of a wider review of the controversial “leisure estate”, which began in winter 2010.


well i do hope that OCL starts to review its current running of their facilities.

because they are poor in comparison to how they used to be.

i used to subscribe to a full yearly membership. that was until all facilities cut back and started closing at 9pm.

at that point i left and became a member of a nearby local gym and pool who stay open till 10pm.
and i know at least a dozen people who followed suit.

even after this i still feel passionately about oldhams sporting facilities.

that is why i say that the new facilities need to be better than the old ones. not less as have been proposd.

they need to also be open longer so that almost every oldhamer can utilise these facilities.

if just cutting back on opening times had dramatic result in people leaving and lost revenue.
what will building an unfit for purpose new sport centre do to our future sporting potential!

can we pay the same to go swimming as people in manchester do instead of paying nearly £1.40 more and there,s are more or less new swimming pools or will we be paying even more when the new pools are built in oldham .


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