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Greg’s black belt pride

Reporter: Erin Heywood
Date online: 21 December 2012

ALL-action Greg Jones is believed to be the first man in te UK with Downs Syndrome to achieve a black belt in Taekwondo.

Greg (35), from Oldham, has been interested in martial arts for years and has worked his way up the coloured belt ladder at Royton’s TBK Taekwondo school over the last five years.

His mother Doreen is immensely proud of her son’s success.

“Greg has always been interested in martial arts because his dad was,” said Doreen. “When he saw a Bruce Lee film he decided he wanted to be just like him.

“What he’s managed to achieve is so impressive and I’m really proud. He’s pleased with himself too. It’s a massive achievement.”

Gary Mallam, Greg’s Taekwondo teacher said: “It appears he’s the only Downs Syndrome man in the UK to achieve this. That just shows how special he is.

“Having Greg in the group makes us work even harder — he’s inspirational. We always say there are no excuses to not try your hardest when you see how much effort Greg puts in.”


Well done Greg,not an easy feat.


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