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Jamieís parents in emotional TV plea

Reporter: Helen Korn
Date online: 20 December 2012

THE parents of tragic toddler Jamie Heaton have made an emotional appearance on national TV in a bid to boost their son’s memorial fund.

Kenny and Michelle appeared alongside presenter Philip Schofield on “This Morning” yesterday, as they spoke of the anguish they suffered during the Shaw gas blast.

Jamie (2) died during the explosion, in June. Buckley Street neighbour Andrew Partington has admitted manslaughter and the destruction of eight homes.

Now the tot’s family has set up Jamie’s Something Special fund and is keen to raise £50,000 to provide play equipment in Heyside’s Bullcote Park, where Jamie took his first steps.

The couple both fought back tears on TV as they expressed their gratitude for the support of local people and businesses - and how they had been touched by the good wishes of strangers.

But they spoke of their anger about the events of that day.

Michelle explained how she was hanging out washing and desperately tried to get back into her home to save her son.

She said: “I just heard a big boom. I crouched down and then I looked up — the house next door had disappeared. I was waiting for something to hit me.

“I tried to get back in but the door frame was twisted. I ran through another house to get to the front of the street. Jody’s (her daughter) bed was in the front window - that’s where Jamie was.

“We tried to get in but we couldn’t.”

Anyone who would like to donate or join the appeal effort can visit: www.jamiessomethingspecial.co.uk 

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