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Mystery Santa dishes out tenners

Date published: 20 December 2012

A MYSTERY man has been playing Santa - and dishing out £10 notes in Oldham town centre!

An envelope containing a tenner and bearing the messagewords “N-Joy” was given to one reader, along with a “Happy Christmas” wish.

The surprised reader spoke to another shopper who also got an envelope while shopping in the Spindles shopping centre.

The reader said: “Over the last five years I’ve not had the best of times. I was beginning to lose faith in society.

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank the person for the act of kindness. It put a smile back on my face and restored some faith that kindness still exists.”

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Nice one Santa.

. . . well it aint Charlie Parker!

Wasn't there a similar story a few years back? If I remember correctly, the gentleman in question was handing out envelopes – with a ten-pound note in – to pensioners in the Town Square and Spindles.

bet it wasn't one of our councilors.

Well Shaun it's not the pensioners who need the money, they've done very well out of the country destroying its industry with strike after strike, and take huge unrealistic & unfunded pensions their offspring have been forced to pay for.
All the FibDem cuts have been just a rumour to them as they're immune.
No if you want to give it to someone struggling find an under 25 who are expected to be able to live on fresh air. You won't see the pensioners at the food banks !


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