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Protest group to fight on after pitch defeat

Reporter: HELEN KORN
Date online: 20 December 2012

RESIDENTS who battled Crompton House school’s £1million sports pitch plans have been devastated by a planning go-ahead for the scheme.

Protesters who packed last night’s Oldham Council planning committee meeting were bitterly disappointed by the decision - despite changes including a 9pm closure on weekdays instead of the intended 10pm.

Opponents of the scheme, which they say will have a major impact on their nearby homes, declared the war was “not over yet.” High Crompton residents’ group is discussing its next move,

Neil Wheelton, head of PE at the school, said the plan was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have community-use facilities at the school.

“This would be a fantastic facility for years to come,” he explained. “Both the existing shale and rugby pitches are beyond redemption. We’re going to bring £450,000 into the scheme, Heyside Juniors have given £55,000 and there is £500,000 from the Football Foundation.

“When finished it would be a legacy for the borough. It will not be a cash cow.”

Cameron Mitchell, who spoke for protesters, said members didn’t object in principle to the idea of a new sports pitch - but the long opening hours and noise and light pollution would cause major problems for those living around the site.

Councillors John Dillon and John Hudson also spoke against the project on parking and impact grounds.

The school will use the pitches for 49 hours a week, outsiders for 29 hours.

Twenty-two residents objected by letter about light pollution, noise, drainage, parking and privacy.

The group says it hopes to meet with the school to discuss the conditions again.

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I think its a superb opportunity for youngsters to have brand new facilities and good for the school. ALSO before anyone starts the NIMBY stuff I also live near similar facilities and its not bad at all.

As will always be the case, big brother wins yet again. Like Crompton Hall where the "stunning" biscuit boxes are built now, developers get their way no matter what. Sad, sad day.

Quite a sensible decision by the Planners, at last a good community facility for Shaw and Crompton instead of funding going to other areas of the Borough. Residents need to work with Crompton House now the decision has been made, I'm sure Dickiethebrickie didn't help with his rhetoric. My mind was made up when I got a leaflet through my door asking me to look for bats to help with objections!

The planning committee do not listen to protests. When they decided it is going to happen, it does, regardless.

So despite losing the battle to prevent £1million investment in an all weather sports pitch at Crompton House School ,the residents intend "to fight on". Time to call it a day , you have lost. Crompton House is going to have the same excellent surface as many other secondary schools in the Borough. No doubt the residents can now turn their attention to saving the relic of the past Shaw Baths despite the fact that a brand news baths will be built less than 2 miles away in Royton

I think it's a matter of benefiting the many and slightly inconveniencing the few.but of course i'd see it differently If I lived there,but I recon It has to go ahead.

if you buy a house next to a school or any other such facility there is always a chance it will developed and extended over the years things cant stay the same for ever this town is crying out for facilites such as these

I'M sure all the people that are for the development already enjoy there own home and gardens in the evening and weekends? I would just question the competence of the planners and the planning commitee, qusetions unanswered and real issues ignored, done deal! and as for those who where for the application where was you on the nigh because I can only recall three people there in favor, parents, goveners and teachers not to be seen...maybe because they live outside the area?

what is wrong with you people? why would you want to stand in the way of a dying town redeveloping rundown facilities for the greater good of local children & adults. NIMBYism has been replaced with BANANAism (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) get a grip, surely you have better things in your life to do other than complain about progress!!!

I feel people skim over what they wish to read! The residents of High Crompton are not objecting to this new facility they have only objected to the commercial hours of use. I have been a resident of the area for the last 20 yrs and as far as i am aware the residents never objected to the new sixth form building & sports hall. Maybe the school could have communicated better with residents instead of informing them in September what the thoughts were. Raising 450k in 3 months raises questions!!


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