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Conman dupes 92 year old

Date published: 09 January 2013

A CONMAN pretending to be a concerned neighbour duped an elderly Mossley woman and stole cash from her.

The 92-year-old victim was returning to her home on Argyle Street around 4pm on Saturday when the man confronted her, claiming there had been a leak in a house next door and he had been trying to reach her.

He asked he woman to turn on the taps while he checked upstairs — but minutes later she found him rifling through her wardrobe.

She told him to get out but he took her purse on the way out. She later found more cash had gone.

The offender is described as black, in his 20s, about 6ft tall, of average build and with short black hair. He was wearing a cream coloured zip-up top, dark jeans and light coloured trainers.

Anyone with any information can call police on 0161 856 9262 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


An old woman was robbed in Manchester over Christmas, she had £7000 on her. It's not surprising that the elderly are targetted when many refuse to take even the simplest precautions. Perhaps the papers should report when stupidly high amounts of cash are stolen?

yet again elderly people having cash in the house,they seem to be targeted by this sort of low life.Some sort of information leaflet explaining the risks to elderly people might do some good.


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