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Teacher told pupils ‘sex was good’

Date published: 23 January 2013

A Religious Education teacher from Oldham has been banned from teaching for five years after telling pupils that sex is good – and advocating not getting married so they could sleep around.

Catherine Reynolds also showed tattoos on her lower back and thigh to her class at Saddleworth School.

The ban from classrooms followed a disciplinary panel hearing that found her guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

Reynolds began working, newly-qualifed, at the school in 2008 and was a good teacher, said the Teaching Agency.

But following an incident two years later, in which she placed “wholly inappropriate and offensive” material on Facebook, further complaints were made about her conduct with pupils and general behaviour. She was suspended in March 2011 and resigned that July.

The hearing was told she failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries and used inappropriate language with pupils.

She had told her class of circumstances in which she had taken a morning-after pill and an occasion when she told the pupils in the class about a relationship she had formed with an older man. She made references to sex from a personal perspective: one pupil claimed she had said “sex is good” and they shouldn’t get married because then they couldn’t sleep around.

She told pupils in class that she had been to Amsterdam and there had been a sex show involving bestiality, and that she had been for a naked massage. Reynolds described another teacher to pupils as a “bitch” and described a male pupil as a cross-dresser.

In his comment on the findings the Education Secretary said: “This behaviour has directly impacted upon pupils, on colleagues and even parents. A five-year review period, he said, would provide Ms Reynolds with an opportunity to consider whether she wishes to teach again.”


Oh dear. Where do they find them.

Saddleworth School in the papers again.. tut tut. This made the national press.

Isn't it about time that so called professionals (Teachers) acted professionally and stopped adding there own agenda in a bid to influence our young people.

So this poor woman is banned for saying sex is good and you don't need to married BUT it is ok (and mandatory now ) to tell infant school pupils that's its ok to be homosexual and lesbian

We never had teachers like that...

Saddleworth school certainly seems more exciting than my alma mater.

The trouble with hiring young newly qualified staff is that they have moved straight from being a child in a childrens world to being an adult in a childrens world

@Owdamer. Where is your question mark?

@miracleboy64. Not only have you failed to use a question mark, you must work on your homophones.

@dempsey. Possessive apostrophes are free. Feel free to use one. Full stop?

Your targets: spend fewer hours slagging off teachers and more time listening to them . . . innit.

Ms Reynolds taught my son's class and she was an excellent teacher. He gained an A* in RE and he went on to Oxford. When I spoke to him of this today, his words were ' she got us to think deeply about the world and all the different points of view in it and she was one of the best teachers I ever had. She's one of three, I'd say, who got me to a level where I thought I was capable of getting to Oxford and I never heard her say anything inappropriate'.

We never had teachers like this in the 1980's what is the world coming to? no wonder the pupils these days show very little respect to their teachers.


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