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Patriotic theme sets awards night alight

Reporter: Erin Heywood and Andrew Rudkin
Date online: 11 February 2013

THE BEST of Oldham was hailed with Union Jacks aloft and voices singing “Land of Hope and Glory” at a rousing finale to 2012’s Pride Awards at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The audience was treated to a patriotically-themed evening for Pride In Oldham’s 11th year, recognising the borough’s otherwise unsung heroes.

The popular, heart-warming evening told the selfless tales of inspirational local people.

The show, celebrating 2012’s “great and good” began with a backdrop of clips from Olympic heroes such as Jessica Ennis, Beth Tweddle and Mo Farah.

Oldham’s veteran broadcaster Marjorie Stephinson MBE presented the emotional evening, which saw awards in 11 categories.

She said: “I have really felt pride in Oldham from this event; it really moves me. It’s a fantastic celebration of what is excellent about this town. We have an awful lot to be proud of.”

Several local dignitaries, including new head of Oldham police Chief Superintendent Catherine Hankinson, Oldham East and Saddleworth Debbie Abrahams and Mayor of Oldham, Councillor Olwen Chadderton, handed out the accolades to winners.

The Mayor said: “It’s been a wonderful evening. It has brought people together. It has been one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve ever had. It’s been terrific.”

One of the surprises of the night was Chaddertonian Steve Kilroy, formerly of BAE Systems in Chadderton and chairman of the One Oldham Business Awards — who was shocked at winning the first ever Ambassador Award.

Each finalist collected a special, framed Chronicle front page, and each category winner also received a special glass trophy.


sounds to me like another "head in the clouds" sort of event.

why did the show begin with a backdrop of clips from Olympic heroes that have absolutely no connection with oldham or the surrounding area?

surely this should have had at least some connection to the town.

oldham was represented at the olympics and paralympics by nicola white, jessica lloyd and ben procter.

these are oldhams real achievements in 2012! and thats who we should be proud of!

@fedupoldhamer "head in the clouds" - talk about putting an unnecessary dampener upon events.

shaun thats the way oldham council is! if they lived in the real world oldham would have been a much better place and oldhamers would have more!

early last year they where harping on about the benefits the games would bring to oldham?

im still wondering what these where?

other than nice chushy numbers for those who where on the board of whatever quango's where formed to promote such nonsense!

shaun mcgrath - At what point in your life did you realise that other people can only have an opinion, perception or point of view providing it concurs with YOURS?

@fedupoldhamer Maybe you consider yourself a 'fedupoldhamer' becuase of your own negativity and not the town you live in. The night was fantastic and showcased some fantastic people doing some great work. We should be very proud of this and be happy that it is being showcased.

@danjames. very true! oldham has some excellent people who go above and beyond for the community.

but sometimes oldham (well the council actually) seem off this planet when celebrating such achievements.

like i said above. why where images of olympic atheletes shown who have no significance to oldham. yet oldham produced its own olympic atheletes. these are the ones who should be showcased.

the council harp on about things but only when it suits them. most of the time they're ignored!

Does fedupoldhamer realise that this event is sponsored by several organisations and not just the council and therefore there may be several parties who wish to make decisions on what goes on during the ceremony? Maybe fedupoldhamer would like to moan to J W Lees or the Coliseum as well as just the council for a change??


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