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Leaders call for halal meat check

Date published: 10 April 2013

MUSLIM leaders want to work with Oldham Council and schools to make sure halal meat served to pupils is authentic.

The move comes after incidents elsewhere in which halal foods have been found to be contaminated with other animal products or mislabelled.

Oldham Mosques Council (OMC) — which represents 35 mosques and more than 27,000 Muslims — is asking to visit suppliers to ensure correct procedures are being followed.

A spokesman said: “The OMC on behalf of the Muslim community seeks assurances and transparency about meat products being served in schools across Oldham.”

OMC has asked the council to provide details of quality assurance procedures and checks undertaken by both the supplier and the council.

Parents and communities are being asked to raise the issue with schools to ensure that they are taking the issue seriously.

OMC founder Basit Shah said checking paperwork wasn’t enough: “We need to make sure that the processes being carried out are in accordance with Islamic law,” he added.

Oldham Council has confirmed that halal meat used by Oldham Council is independently checked at source. The council hasn’t received any complaints.

The council’s catering services provide food for 14,000 pupils and staff in 88 primary, two primary academy schools and four special schools. Secondary schools and other academies organise their own catering.

The service is the only North-West holder of a silver Food for Life charter mark, and all the meat it serves can be traced to the farm and meets the UK legal minimum welfare standards.

A spokesman added: “The service has continued to raise the nutritional quality and provenance of food offered to our customers above and beyond the minimum statutory requirements.


Just a note for the protestors that we do not have or have to comply with Islamic law in this country! If your superstitious beliefs or those of any other religion dictate how food is prepared then you should bare the cost.

Are all Halal meats clearly indicated within the boroughs schools?

They should realise by now that this is the United Kingdom, and does not come under any Islamic laws!, or are we going to bow again to constant muslim demands, next they will be demanding that the Muslim brotherhood represents them in the house of commons and lords!.

Mr. Shah said “We need to make sure that the processes being carried out are in accordance with Islamic law,”. Could someone please tell me when Islamic Law became the law of this land?
Also what about also making sure that non-Muslim pupils being certain that their meat is not Halal?
I think I know who the PC loons that make up our political class these days will listen to.

I suggest that they pay for it themselves, ridiculous, barbaric slaughter.

And what of the unimaginable suffering, of the sentient creatures, consigned to a gruesome fate, all in the name of one of the more odious aspects of organised religion.

Transparency about meat products. Yeah right, when halal has been served to our kids without knowledge up and down the country. Are we still in England?

Or parents could send their kids with packed lunches? I don;t want to eat meat from animals who haven't been stunned before killing. I call that animal cruelty

Who is going to pay for Oldham Council to check that this barbaric practice is followed? Because it better not be coming out of my council tax.

Will checks also be made to ensure that all meats which are not Halal do not contain anything which is so ?

I do not mind those who wish to abide by those traditions, but I for one for one do not want any meat in which the animal has been slaughtered in the Halal fashion. Therefore will my beliefs also be looked after ?

I hope that Oldham council also checks to see that pupils who do not wish to eat halal meat are not served it. I find this form of slaughter agianst my principles and I woul;d certainly take the council to court if I found out that my children were being fed this type of meat. I'd rather they eat horse meat than halal.

Surely the RSPCA have something to say about animals having their throats cut without being stunned first , this is a backwards step for a caring society to take if approved.Religion should take a backseat when it comes to the welfare of others whether its human or livestock.

Muslim only schools will be next step.

@ John Price, there have been attempts in the past to ban the practice. My own father lobbied Richard Wainwright MP on the subject and when he came high up the list in the draw for Private members bills he did indeed introduce the bill. Unfortunately, as it would also make kosher meat illegal, as it is essentially identical it was talked out by the Jewish MP's in the house, there were and still are a substantial and unrepresentative number of them.

www.religionfreefood.org - The World's Simple and Respectful "Religion-Free" Food Certification.

This is an active concept in North America that could be useful in the UK.

Hi, I understand where you guys are coming from but this is our religion, good thing that Mr Shah has asked for this transparency as I guess you guys were unaware of this meat being provided to your children. There will be no cost to the council as I presume that the only thing that the Muslim council want to do is view how the animals are slaughtered and to see if it is in accordance to the Islamic law.

Have you guys ever questioned whether the meat is halal When you have your Indian takeaway ?

If you dont like our laws, you do have an alternative. Ever heard the phrase when in Rome. I dont think there would be this much fuss if my kids ate Halal meat even though I strongly disagree with the way the anaimals die. All you do is moan moan moan and expect everone else to bow down, if its not building without planning permission to eating food this cant go on.

Children don't have religion it is imposed on them by adults. One mans religion is another mans evidentiary void superstition. 90% of the meat I eat is pork so no worries for me. That's pork a meat that has it's protein arranged in proportions of amino acids making it very similar to human meat & when prepared correctly it is extremely healthy & bio-available more so even than chicken. I say this because of all the rhetoric in religion about pig's being despicable and their meat void of nutritio

And this is not a muslim country YRT Ali. Your religion and its ways should not be pushed onto our families and children ever. Halal in schools should be via the pack lunches of those who desire it and no other way. Add in the removal of choice next to not mix the meats and well......

Mr. Baba it may be your religion but it's not ours and we don't want your beliefs imposed on us. We weren't aware halal meat was being served in schools because it was kept secret by our supine politicians. There was no transparency for non-muslims.
Now we know and we don't want it.
As for take aways I no longer use them and in super markets I make sure the meat I buy is not halal.
Like I said we don't want your religious beliefs imposed on us. We never asked for this.

Let everyone reading this be aware that many Moslem groups are looking for Halal meat not to be pre stunned and as such to be slaughtered in the most cruel way imaginable. Oldham council must resist this in the strongest possible way, and if as in other towns Moslems tell their children to boycott school dinners so be it.
We in the UK are still a nation of animal lovers and require animals slaughter to be carried out as painlessly as possible, not in the manner of the barbaric middle ages.

I think most will be shocked to hear their children are unknowingly consuming Halal meat at school. My friends son brought a letter home a while ago from a popular Oldham secondary school stating all meat provided will be Halal, like it or lump it. Also, if, like myself, you oppose Halal, be wary of the big name fast food outlets in Oldham, Nando's for one. All Halal food should be labelled as such and fast food outlets should make this clear by law.

Check with your child's school. They ONLY use halal is muslim children in the school. They wont volunteer this information but will if you ask. It is common knowledge. Also McDonalds and KFC both halal. Ask and they will tell you.

Bit by bit the town is slowly being Islamified by these moaning dictators. Its about time the council stopped pampering to em. Its a cruel abhorant way to kill an animal the way they do and shouldn't be allowed (whats the RSPCA's standpoint on this). If they dont like the way we do it then dont have it.. simple..
When in Rome!

Halal slaughter is BARBARIC.

There are specific derrogations from animal welfare regulation so allow these disgusting evil acts to be carried out in the name of fairy tales.

If these regulations can be ignored then what exactly is the point in them at all!

Either suffering and torture of sentient lifeforms is considered wrong and abhorrent and is to be prohibited or it isn't.

Can't have it both ways.

OK, my religion is Thoudumberism which preaches that I should only ewer eat fish and only that which was caught in the English Channel - so just as Muslim leaders want to work the Council allow to ensure their religious laws are followed will the Council do the same for me ? No I thought not !

Why do we have to bow down to islamic laws, after all it was their choice to enter this country, yet they are now bending laws to their own through the race card.
We dont ask when entering one of your establishments if it is from an English butcher, and the meat is pork ect, otherwise you will be out of business by now.
If you want Halal meat which is in terms of animal cruelty, is the most cruel way to kill anything, then you pay the council to do it.

Flake says uk is still a nation of animal lovers shame you love your animals more then your children..

Whenever Moslems are allowed into a foreign country they follow the same plan. Once there are enough they ignore local laws & set up their own Shariah courts. They then begin to press for minor laws to be recognised for them, and this carried on & on until the country has a largely Shariah legal system.
You only need listen to the nutty ex Archbishop Rowan Williams to know that the soft minded cave into them quite easily.
Don't expect any let up in this it will carry on until the UK is Shariah.

I wonder if you can get halal horse meat in tescos.

The council needs to sort this out. Blackburn council had the same issue, but as the council stated that all meat provided to school will be stunned the issue was resolved and Muslim parents provide pack lunches to their children. Mr Shah has requested the council to be clear and transparent on how the animals are slaughtered so everyone is aware, and if it is not in accordance to their beliefs alternative arrangements can be made. ( pack lunch )

Wouldn't it be easier if we were all vegetarian atheists?

Come on Ali Baba if you're going tell a story then tell all of it, because it isn't sorted out is it?
In a massive hissy fit the 'Lancashire Council of Mosques' called on all Moslem parents to boycott school dinners until non stunned meat is provided.
We need to know that Oldham council will behave itself correctly and not do it's usual of doing everything the Moslems tell it to do, as appears to be the case currently.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315278/Top-supermarkets-secretly-sell-halal-Sainsburys-Tesco-Waitrose-M-S-dont-tell-meat-ritually-slaughtered.html This is from 2010. Its been going on everywhere for years!

I don't expect Oldham Council to make the right decision on this. Decades of political correctness seem to have removed all sense of right and wrong from our supposed political and civil servants.
However I would expect some response from the brave boys and girls from the animal rights movement.
Where are ALF and PETA when you need them?

My sister was a teacher at a school in Oldham (she retired in 2006) but it only served halal meat. They stopped serving pigs in blankets with the Christmas meal!! Halal meat SHOULD be labeled, then we ALL have a CHOICE.

Well said Flake.

If Oldham people keep voting in the same way OR don't bother to vote at all..... this is what will happen. Do you think a UKIP Council would allow this situation ?? I think not.

Halal meat is always labelled, RSPCA have stated that stunning the animal is the best way as apparently it causes the animal no/less pain. I guess it's no meat on the menu for any Muslim children or pack lunches. Make sure you guys think twice before you have your next 'chicken tikka masala' or 'kebab meat' but I guess it tastes too good and you can't resist.

April 22nd Panorama England's Sharia Councils

JMTS identifies part of the problem without realising it "Wouldn't it be easier if we were all vegetarian atheists?" A complete separation of religion & state is what's required, cost of religion on schools & NHS is huge. My views are secular I find in ridiculous that the term atheist is made to describe people who do not believe in contrived evidentiary devoid supernatural deities. There isn't a term for people who don't believe monsters live in the wardrobe for good reason monsters don't exist

I dont see the problem, i dont think they are imposing this on us, they just are making sure that where halal food is provided, that it is actually halal. I cant believe there are people here so single minded. I wouldnt want my kids given something i dont believe in either but if your against the inhumane killing of animals, then you all have an option, its called vegetarian because killing is inhumane. There are alot of armchair activist here.

You don't see the problem Moody because you haven't read the posts!
Are you relaxed about the slaughter of animals without pre stunning? Most of us who eat meat are concerned that at least animals suffer as little paid and distress as possible, this advocates a return to barbarism.
Some Moslems believe that stunned meat is not halal and that is the issue.

Moody, the problem is, the majority of Oldhamer's were not made aware that their food and their childrens food was being provided via the barbaric medieval slaughter of animals. I believe you can eat non halal food at Ashton Nando's but not in Oldham, why is that? Would it be possible for OMBC to inform the public of which of their establishments in the borough are Halal and which are not?

Halal slaughter is no more barbaric then Schechita (Kosher) - anyone care to have a go at the Jews?. It's also no more barbaric than fishing (which is death by drowning) angling, or hunting with guns and snares.

And just because it has been slaughtered that way does not make it so. It then has to pass a rigourous inspection to be classified as Halal/Kosher. If it fails that (and most does) it then goes into the food chain as normal meat and is treated as such.

Boycott Halal and demand that Food Regulations are followed concerning animal welfare needs for proper stunning before slaughter & proper Hygiene.
Where exemptions regarding stunning have been made for muslims, then the halal products and halal services should clearly be for muslims only – not for mainstream distribution or for export to Non-Islamic Countries, as in happening now. Halal is for the Followers of Islam – NOT Everyone. If Muslims want halal – Let them Pay for it – NOT Us!


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