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Sex beast cabbie gets eight years

Date published: 16 May 2013

Dad of six tried to rape girl in his car
AN Oldham cabbie has been jailed for eight years after being convicted of trying to rape a young girl in the back of his car.

A court heard that father of six Tamur Yaqub forcibly dragged the 15 year old into his private-hire taxi after spotting her walking home in January 2012.

The 32 year old, who worked for Oldham-based Cartax, was off duty at the time and claimed they made eye contact as he passed her.

He stopped and said she came over and they had a conversation through the open window. He maintained she willingly got into the car.

A Manchester Crown Court jury found him guilty of attempted rape, though was unable to reach a verdict on a second charge of kidnap.

Judge Jeffrey Lewis told him: “I have not the slightest hesitation in rejecting your assertion that she got into your car voluntarily.”

He said that version of events contained “not a shred of truth.”

“You used considerable force against a girl who was no match for you. You subjected her to degradation and you have shown not the slightest remorse.”

Yaqub, whose family lives in St Thomas Street, Oldham, said the girl had told him he could do what he liked to her if he paid her £5.

He said he took her to an address and they had consensual sex before he dropped her off close to her home.

He said he believed she was aged about 20, and said she had acted “like a prostitute”.

The girl said she had been dragged into his car, where he attempted to rape her after driving to a secluded area.

During two long police interviews Yaqub had denied the girl had even been in the car, though later changed his story.


Before the usual fools emerge to call me 'racist' here's what Julie Siddiqi from the Islamic Society of Britain said:

‘If we are seeing patterns emerging we can’t stay quiet….people not speaking out is extremely dangerous.’

Islam doesn’t turn them into abusers, that must be in their nature already, but it may give them an excuse to treat Non-Muslims in a manner they wouldn’t treat Muslim girls….and that is an issue that should be looked at…as part of a wider examination of why and how these abuses happen.

And out in 4 years.

These incidents are being reported on a daily basis. These so called good Muslim husbands/sons/brothers treat western women with contempt and as he states she had acted “like a prostitute”. This is exactly what they think and believe. Not all Muslims by the way before the onslaught begins but as I said a lot of these incidents being reported on a daily basis. They made eye contact and she spoke to him so obviously this is the get go for sexual activity. Married with 6 kids!!!

As stated in the Daily Mail today re the Oxford Muslim men found guilty of raping young white girls:-

But apart from its sheer depravity, what also depresses me about this case is the widespread refusal to face up to its hard realities.
The fact is that the vicious activities of the Oxford ring are bound up with religion and race: religion, because all the perpetrators, though they had different nationalities, were Muslim; and race, because they deliberately targeted vulnerable white girls.

8 years ,to send the right message its about time to get the right sentence in place ,softly softly doesn't work

Can the Oldham Chron please block those who openly admit to reading the Daily Mail from commenting on stories.

I am a middle aged man and wouldn't dream of stopping my car if a young girl "made eye contact" with me let alone stop, drag her into my car and try to rape her. This is yet another case of a muslim's contempt for non-muslims.
These crimes have been going on for years and yet we still have not heard any senior politician publicly condemn this rape pandemic. Political correctness has poisoned debate in this country to the extent that being perceived as "racist" is deemed worse than child rape.

Why Eddie? Because you can't stand people having an opinion different to yours?

Used to be a capital offense, scum!

Can the oldham chron please delete all posts from eddie and anyone else who supports the idiot notion of banning free speech in this country.

By eddie @ - What an immature comment. It's people like you that allow women-haters to get away with these heinous crimes by clasping your hands over your eyes and ears rather than being man enough to confront the real issues. The fact that you are unlikely to be the target of these predators no doubt plays a part in your attitude too.

eddie, from your comment I see that you are a firm believer in a free press and free speech. Does reading the Daily Mail upset you more than child rape?

Why shouldn't jennyd quote from the Daily Mail? Unlike the once great Guardian the Mail reports these vile crimes. The Guardian ignored these crimes for years and then in an editorial they blamed the girls for their life style choices. The Guardian has become a truly despicable rag far worse than the Daily Mail.
Get your priorities right.

eddie, from your comment I see that you are a firm believer in a free press and free speech. Does reading the Daily Mail upset you more than child rape?

Why shouldn't jennyd quote from the Daily Mail? Unlike the once great Guardian the Mail reports these vile crimes. The Guardian ignored these crimes for years and then in an editorial they blamed the girls for their life style choices. The Guardian has become a truly despicable rag far worse than the Daily Mail.
Get your priorities right.

This has nothing to do with Islam and this comes from a Christian who has worked in the middle east for 20 plus years. This is about animalistic behaviour created by a society that is now more concerned about protecting the rights of religious minorities than what is correct, who in this particular case would if they were in the country of their ancestry be facing the sword or the rope. True Moslems do not behave in this manner and many of my Moslem friends would be appauled by this sentence.

haha...you lot are comedy gold. Keep eating your rag puddings for tea and sucking on those lemons. Catch a tram out of Oldham and come see the real the world.

Quite a horrendous crime punished by what, 8 years, out in 4 if that. A crime made personally even worse as I know the victims Father. Very close to home indeed.
These predominantly Muslim people need to be stopped now, its like the old phrase 'the elephant in the room' where it is almost taboo to mention that this kind of thing is happening more and more without being deemed racist.
This once proud town and country is firmly in decline.

Overseas you appear to blame these crimes on British society because it protects religious minorities. So why aren't we hearing about Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist rape gangs?
Also similar crimes are happening all over Europe and there is one common denominator. The perpetrators are muslims. So are you suggesting all European societies are too tolerant of religious minorities?
Also if you believe true muslims don't behave this way then where is the condemnation from the muslim community in the UK?

If I phoned a local taxi firm and requested a white driver I would no doubt be classed as racist - so how could I be assured that a daughter of mine would not be subjected to such an attack like the above ?

When he is released will he be shunned by his community or will they have sympathy for his "acting like a prostitute stance"? I suspect I know the answer. As a father of two daughters I find it truly worrying.

You should find it more worrying that because of left wing fascism (although fascism is always of the left) we are unable to even discuss this, let alone deal with it. It will become worse as attitudes have been and will continue to become more deeply ingrained.

It is not racist to suggest that Islam has some responsibility in the selection of victims and the behaviour of these gangs, now even Muslim leaders are speaking out. Anyone white on the other hand appears to be silenced by the fear that once stalked totalitarian countries run by dictators!
Is this what the UK has become?

@eddie: You mean the 'real world' such as Telford and Oxford, where this despicable crime has also hit the headlines? And probably countless other towns and cities where the stories have not emerged yet?
For the record, 8 years is nowhere near enough, rape should be a minimum 20 years.

Flake, I've told you several times that religion has nothing to do with this. Can you please let me know where in Islam it states that you should behave like this. I'm from the Asian community, why don't we condemn such behavior or actions. I can guarantee that young Asian girls are also exploited but the girls are scared to report it due to the shame that it would bring to them and their family. These guys are illiterate, imbeciles who deserve to be locked up for the rest of their lives.

These beasts prey on innocent, vulnerable girls and I don't think that race concerns them. A similarity that everyone realizes is that the suspects are all Asian Muslims, can anyone tell me the similarity of the victims in question?. All young vulnerable females who are most likely in care or raised in a dysfunctional family. We as a society are failing in my personal opinion, as a poor standard of care is provided to these individuals all there life making them victims.

Well Ali Baba you might be from the 'Asian' Community I'll take it from that you're either Chinese as there's more of them than any one else, or Indian (second most)so Buddhist or Hindu?

Julie Siddiqui, from the Islamic Society of Britain spoke out

Sheikh Hojjat Ramzy spoke out

And so have several other Imams, where Biased Broadcasters have been too frightened. I'm inclined to believe them over most people.

So on to the Quotes as to the religious basis and the teachings. This is a religion which teaches that women are worth less than men. Adil Rashid was spared Jail for raping a 13 year old because he had been taught at a religious school 'that women are no more worthy than a lollipop dropped in the road'. The judge believed him.
The Qur'an teaches women are worth less than a man, and non Muslims worth less still.
There isn't enough characters to post the quote from the Qur'an & Hadith

Flake I request you to read the Quran, if this is what Islam teaches all the Muslims I think that it would no be the fastest growing religion. All these statements are false and by the way as you may or may not have heard we are taught that heaven lies beneath the feet of your Mother, females have a higher position than males. Where is the Muslim council / the Muslim community ? We need to challenge these views and make it clear that Islam has no role to play in such horrific and violent crimes.

Ali Baba - give up, 95% of those who comment on here are bigoted idiots who are happy to jump on the band wagon of 10 bob news papers feeding hate.

Unfortunately it is also these people who find the most time to pass comment on here.


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