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We won’t take new lamps threat lightly

Date online: 16 August 2013

A parish councillor is standing firm against the possibility of vintage lamp standards in conservation arae Harrop Green being replaced by modern equivalents.

E.ON visited Harrop Green, a conservation zone near Diggle, to check street lighting as part of its borough-wide street light replacement programme.

Saddleworth parish councillor Royce Franklin contacted parish and Oldham Council colleagues to raise awareness of a possible conflict.

“Harrop Green residents take considerable pride in the conservation area,” he said. “They don’t want that spoilt by unnecessary additional lamps which won’t match the ones currently in use.”

Despite reassurances from Oldham Council, some villages with conservation property are concerned the new lamps may destroy the character of their community.

Councillor John McCann, who lives in Dobcross, is backing Councillor Franklin’s stand to keep the original lamps: “Harrop Green is a lovely place. There is no need for modern lamp standards,” he said.

A spokesperson for e.on said the company has talked to Oldham Council about conservation area replacements

“We understand the councils are in the process of consulting with the local community and local councillors. We’re awaiting a decision from these discussions.”


The decision has already been taken
" to replace like for like" -
according to Street Lighting Manager John McAuley,
in an email dated 2 July to me (KW) as a member of the
Oldham Area Civic Society concerned about Heritage Lighting
in relation to a similar enquiry regarding
all Oldham's 36 Consevation Areas .
Any queries should be referred to Oldham's
Councillor David Hibbert as local Heritage Champion -
who back on the 8 Jan endorsed by email my concerns.


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