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Translation firm racks up 15m loss

Date published: 21 August 2013

CONTROVERSIAL Delph-based Capita Translating and Interpreting suffered a £15 million loss last year.

The company - formerly Applied Language Solutions - reported the loss after struggling to deliver on a language services contract for the Ministry of Justice, which provides translation and interpreting services to English courts. The company insists investment in the serevice has brought about improvements.

The firm — based in Huddersfield Road — won a five-year contract to provide translation and interpretation services for police and courts, but has been dogged by controversy and accusations of blunders. One led to the collapse of a burglary trial, another to an unqualified man standing in for his wife at a murder trial when the firm’s translator failed to turn up, and other issues.

ALS’s founder and chief executive Gavin Wheeldon sold his business to Capita in 2011 in a deal worth £7.5 million. He remained a director until his resignation in July last year.


When Gavin Wheeldon owned this company your paper was full of praise for him yet since he sold it you continue to recycle the same old story about someone who sent their husband in her place. This happened in February 2012. Why is it that you peddle old news to make a flimsy story and a firm look bad.

To be fair paulr61 - the finances tell their own story. Any firm that makes a £15m loss does look bad especially considering it was sold for £7.5m two years ago!! Obviously far worse things going on behind the scenes to lose that much money


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