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Roughyeds’ 21-day race to pay £10,000

Date published: 01 October 2013

OLDHAM RL club has been given a 21-day breathing space by the High Court to pay a £10,000 tax bill.

If it doesn’t, bosses were warned, the club could be wound up. The hearing marked the latest High Court hearing for the club, which has faced three previous winding-up petitions in 2010, avoided by paying the tax owed.

Yesterday in court Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs said part payment of an undisclosed debt had been paid, with £10,000 still outstanding.

Lawyers for HM Revenue and Customs agreed a 21-day adjournment for the balance to be paid.


Here we go again!....Year after year the same old story that Roughyeds can't pay their tax bill on time and are threatened by a winding up order.
Why don't you let the club go under Mr Hamilton and give us all a rest!

go on wind this club up and put it out of its, and the fans misery.

now we know why hamilton is so keen on the koucash deal

Thank goodness Scott Naylor and Chris Hamilton understand more about loyalty than the three clowns above. Not for the first time it's been a tough week for the Roughyeds and such negativity is the last thing they or the town needs. Oldham has a rugby league heritage and tradition we should all be proud of. Have to add though, maybe a change back to the famous hoops might lead to a change of fortune.

" oldhamer5676 ".....I suggest you are the ' Clown ' for putting up with a team going no-where... with a dump of a ground,and no money to pay the taxman AGAIN! and a total inability to gain promotion despite it being easier to do so year after year. It isn't loyalty that you have it's foolishness supporting the unsupportable who can't pay their way every year. It would be smarter to support one of the many amateur teams that Oldham has.Hamilton and Naylor are not loyal ....more like delusional!!

skay - Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the concept of loyalty. Why am I not surprised? Just to be clear however, many of us are gutted that the Roughyeds have failed again at the final hurdle, probably none more so than Chris Hamilton and Scott Naylor. Under such circumstances it can be easy to walk away. SN has had an attractive offer from Barrow and CH must be wondering when his commitment is going to be rewarded yet both are staying. That is why I described them as loyal and you as a 'clown'.

Fans "loyalty" over a long period sadly does seem to have little bearing on the clubs perennial inability to pay Taxes on Time.
Now if you would like to take up the issue of owners responsibility in using the loyal fans monies appropriately.....


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