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Date online: 02 December 2013

AMBITIOUS plans for an earth-sheltered eco-home, cut into the hillside on land off Huddersfield Road, Greenfield, will set the tone for Oldham’s sustainable future.

The Hurley house, named after applicant Andrew Hurley, will minimise emissions, reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable living.

The Shadworth Lane project will be buried, built from compressed tyres and straw bales and use sunlight for energy.

Mr Hurley revealed: “This is something we are doing for all the right reasons. I’m by no means a super-green but I would love to live in an eco-home.

“It’s unobtrusive and more and more people should be doing this kind of thing. We held an open day to get members of the community involved and gauge their opinion. We were happy to find that there was a good level of support.”

The project will use local materials and blend with the landscape. Rainwater harvesting and heat-pumps will heat and cool the home, and other advanced technology will be used inside.

Chairman of Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents’ Association, Mike Rooke said he would pledge his support.

“I have invited the architect to our meeting later this month to discuss it. I’m intrigued by the project and will probably be inclined to support it. I’m broadly very supportive of eco-projects and this has certainly got us thinking.”

Oldham Council planning committee is due to make a decision in January.


This proposal is bonkers - living under a pile of old tyres -
the locality name of "Green Field" should surely be the clue to the site's past & preferable sustainable future.

Dear Ken, You may note, that people have lived in "Grinfilt" for hundreds of years, testimony is the poem Jone o Grinfilt (John of Greenfield) by Joseph Lees from 1805.

Tonight at 7pm the Saddleworth Parish Council backed the proposal. Maybe if you looked at the documents you would be able to understand the scheme:

@Kenn. Google Arthur Quarmby's home, Underhill, in Holmfirth. These things can work. I've visited it. Very interesting. The main issue whether OMBC PlanCom will have the imagination.

I just looked up sustainable and it wasn't defined as empty fields!? With a growing population there is a need for more homes. If these are sustainable, then our future is. On the face of it this seems exactly what the area needs, as Saddleworth and Oldham will be getting more homes, like it or not. But rather than post an ill informed knee jerk reaction I might just go and look at the plans. Hopefully it will be a much better addition to the area than other developments.


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